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    Re today’s Morning Line; I admit my attention may have wandered this morning as I am not much into flat-racing, but did they give any time at all to NH racing today? (apart from the clip of a man peeing behind a fence at Cheltenham!) :shock:

    I know the jumps season is winding down but it’s not finished yet! :?

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Same here. Doncaster looks like a punters graveyard. :cry:

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    Was really annoyed last Saturday when they’d changed the start of the programme to the flat racing one, we havn’t even had Aintree or the Wht/Bet fred yet!…..

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    Surprised you waste your time watching the morning line anyway. Its a glorified excuse for a bit of an arse licking to anyone in the game. They rarely give a damning opinion when its deserved. They always praise jockeys for a good ride on should be winning horses. No one ever gives the opinion that there horse has very little chance even if its the case. If anything its a dangerous show to watch, potentially swaying you from your usually better more thought out opinions on a race.

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    I rarely bother to visit this forum nowadays, and if "arse" is not allowed, I will visit even less.

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