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    It seems the Racing Post will name the two jockeys caught on tape discussing race fixing and run a story tomorrow.  This may be a very quick case to move along with suspensions by the end of the week.

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    newswire just picked up this from Colin MacKenzie in tomorrow’s Daily Mail:


    Leading young jockey Philip Makin has admitted that he is one of two riders under investigation in the latest scandal to hit racing.

    Together with fellow northern jockey Lee Enstone, he is alleged to be involved in trying to set up a betting exchange account, through a driver, on which to lay horses to lose. Both riders deny the claim.

    This follows a report in a Sunday tabloid in which professional tipster Kevin ‘The Watchman’ McDonnell, who claims to have 3,000 clients, said he had taped a conversation with the driver of one of the jockeys who wanted to open an account to lay horses to lose on their behalf.

    McDonnell, who has since passed the tape recordings to the Horseracing Regulatory Authority to be examined, has expressed his horror that such things should happen.

    <br><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< … ge_id=1967

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    Wit, <br>Thanks for that, you are a star!

    <br>Does anyone think jockeys are being persecuted, because you can get more in a cell?:o

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    This should shock racing fans but now, its like a normal racing week.

    A friend of mine in America told me tonight that a small time jockey that rides her horses has just been banned for suspected race fixing and was all shocked…….. we all know jockeys do it over here, its just finding out which ones do and which ones don’t

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    The story is now on the RP website.<br>Needless to say Makin denies any knowledge.<br>As has been said ,corruption allegations are a weekly event in racing.<br>This one looks like it could be resolved expeditiously one way or the other.

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    I think it is quite funny that the Watchman has reported this alleged incident, he is coming over all moralistic in the RP today " I get paid for tipping winners and for horses to be stopped is, to me, unbelievable "<br>The same gentleman has horses in training with Brian Ellison along with fellow tipsters Rix and Carr

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    Spot on!

    The passage,

    "McDonnell, who has since passed the tape recordings to the Horseracing Regulatory Authority to be examined, has expressed his horror that such things should happen."

    made me think, ‘yeah, yeah, I’m sure you were horrified!’


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    The fact that the tapes were passed to a tabloid newspaper before they made it to the HRA tells you all you need to know about the morality crusade the tipster was on.

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    Wise man once say: you don’t need brains to be a jockey – you just need to be short!

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    …and preferably not 25st…..;)

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    Not that much to do with the lack of brains in a jockey, Mounty; more to do with the lack of integrity that’s been allowed to fester within the racing industry. Plus greed.

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    Lack of integrity + greed + the belief that they won’t get caught = lack of brains   QED!!;)


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    Seabird, for me the result of your equation = cockiness and complacency. Some members within the racing community must be wondering if the HRA is serious or whether ‘normal’ practises can continue. Time will tell.

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    Not defending the idiocy of these boys, but surely a tape would not be accepted as sole evidence, only as an indicator. The tape "evidence" would need supporting.

    God, consider some of the things we all have discussed at one time or another that could easily be misconstrued when listened to via a tape.<br>Also, besides being very easily edited, if the jockeys in question had partaken in drink, any diatribe should be instantly ignored !1;)

    I have said, in drink, " Someone should shoot that b*st*rd so and so…..",<br>Surely this cannot be forwarded to The Murder Squad!!

    Especially if I hadn’t shot him yet…:cheesy:



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    I think if you said to a known hitman "I’d like so and so killed; here’s a large wad of used notes", then you might just be on a charge of conspiracy to murder.

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