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The Council will be convening at fourteen hundred hours

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    News reaches me of a council meeting in Rosslyn Chapel today at fourteen hundred hours.

    The member of the Scottish executive responsible for Musselburgh’s all-weather plans being rejected will be sacrificed on the altar. His blood will then be drank in a toast to the day’s proceedings next to the “two riders on one horse” symbol in the chapel (a mocking refernce to the fact that THEY know that the jockey on thee horse you’ve backed is different to the one in the paper but THEY won’t tell you).

    A short speech will then be given:

    We stand here today on the site built by our Templar forebears in the fourteen hundreds. Our movement may have been officially dissolved in the fourteenth year of the fourteenth century, but we live on, unlike that cheap slag of a local politician that tried to crush our plans to sand over Musselburgh. He has today paid for his insolence with blood. His victory was, in any case, pyrrhic. Look at today’s card and ask yourself this – if you were to paint the turf yellow would you be able to tell any difference between this meeting and an all-weather one?

    We don’t have any yellow paint, but we do have this holy water, which we have flooded the track with. Today is our crowning glory, not just at Musselburgh but right across these islands. With due care and attention paid to delayed starts and clashes I really believe that we can achieve our life’s goal this afternoon and have fourteen races screened in a single hour.

    [the sound of cheers]

    The council will then make the 14km trip to Musselburgh, which takes 14 minutes, to hail their victory.

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    As so often is the case, I haven’t the faintest what you are going on about, but did see mention of Musselburgh, so might as well have a say about today’s meeting.

    It was a cracking day’s race, competitve races for decent prize money. Reward for those who support Scottish Racing at the lower end of the scale throughout the season, and giving their owners a chance to pitch for some decent prize money. A sound addition to the Scottish Flat calendar and one I hope will be continued.

    Incidently Bill Farnsworth did point out that the feature days are not the ones that make money. Ironically they turn a profit on the Levy Board supported days more so than on the feature days. However, they don’t shy away from holding decent racing at a course that boasted two next time Cheltenham winners and two next time Royal Ascot winners from runners this year.

    A course that holds feature meetings on Derby Day, Scottish Sprint Cup, Betfair Finals, New Year Sprint Day and Cheltenham Trials Day isn’t going thorugh the motions.

    Thankfully the scurrilous plan to scar the famous old Links didn’t come to fruition. The course, like the others in Scotland, is doing just nicely to provide our entertainment.

    Glenn, in the unlikely event you should find your way to Scotland, and I suspect your map doesn’t stretch north of the M25, I and quite a few others would be only too pleased to show you how good Scottish racing. If the only ‘crime’ is that races fill to their capacity then I can’t see too much wrong…, er, apart from Thommo drivelling on all afternoon…

    Rob (from good English stock, but with a touch of the Saltire working its way in)

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