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The approved killing of NH horses continues at Southwell

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    Triptych, are you questioning the Integrity/Judgement of some of the top Trainers in NH Racing? Paul Nicholls, Dan Skelton, Philip Hobbs and Nigel Twiston-Davies? Are you questioning the Integrity/Judgement of the Owners? The Jockies? Are questioning the Integrity/Judgement of the management who run Southwell? The Ground Staff who maintain the Racecourse?

    It was said earlier in this thread that “the same thing would happen at Haydock if it had racing in the Summer” Well the Ground today was described as Good to Soft (soft in places) I watched the racing at Southwell today and there seemed to be cut in the Ground! So it can’t of been the GROUND so oh it must be the fences then yes?

    It seems to me that what you are advocating for the NH Racing is death by a thousand cuts, shut down Southwell as a NH Track, Horses will then race elsewhere and then what?

    All Sports (not just NH racing) are under threat through the madness, the wetness of risk aversion. You educate people about RISK you don’t cushion them that life has no risk.

    The title of this thread is deplorable, I suggest it has a poisonous agenda.

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    Well Factorman, you’re talking about the integrity or judgement of the management at Southwell.
    The answer is that Southwell has been a death trap for many years considering the rather low number of runners that usually contest a race.

    Nicholls had two runners today that were both head and shoulders above the opposition, so the risk for his horses was a much lower one.

    The fatally injured horse from the Charlie Longsdon stable (who has a pretta decent record at Southwell, nothing wrong with his judgement) was anything, but a racehorse.
    Ran in two bumpers, once beaten 50 lengths into 2nd last place, the other time it clipped heels and fell.
    His next four runs prior to taday were over hurdles where he was beaten 49, 90, 36 lengths and pulled up. SPs between 66/1 and 100/1 in the lowest possible class tell you something about it’s ability. A horse that always weakened after the 5th flight, runs over 2m4f today and with a circuit to run it starts weakening, doesn’t get it feet high enough at a rather unforgiving French style hurdle and breaks its back in the worst possible way.

    If a horse is just about to die for no obvious reasons, it shouldn’t be traumatised prior to it’s demise and you can bet that the horse didn’t have much fun in previous six outings either. Is this how you want the general public to fall in love or accept this sport?

    The course was already closed down for a few weeks, but for a rather easy track (no tight turns, no undulations, no stiff uphill finish) quite a lot bad accidents happen. If racing is supposed to be fun for the horses as well, then certainly not at this track.

    However something good happened today, the 4th last fence (which is a ditch) was damaged in the first race, so it only had to be jumped once. No fallers at that one and every chaser finished it’s race today.

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    I know nothing about racecourse husbandry, but surely the underlying (no pun intended) problem is that the undersoil is not even monitored due to the primary racing surface being deemed “all weather”. :unsure:

    Seeing that the turf course used for jumps racing is very much of secondary importance, I suspect that its substratum has simply been ignored for years.

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    I wasn’t questioning the integrity or judgement of any of those trainers and jockeys Factorman I have great admiration for all those you mentioned and the horses they train.
    The only thing I was questioning was my own love of the sport.
    When you read about a track that has been having an above normal amount of fatalities even factoring in all the risk assessment they could these continued to happen and after several weeks of closure it is happening again. Can you explain why?

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    That injury yesterday was one of the most horrific things I’ve ever watched

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    Now those dreadful trolly fences have claimed Whisper.

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