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    dont see much written on this subject but i being a punter for fun basicly
    havnt given it much thought until oneday on the 10thmarch i withdrew 50.00
    and on the 14 th 60.00
    and the 17 th 110.00
    220 doesnt sound like much but when your only a dollar bettor like myself
    its a good way of earning a little extra pocket money…
    i only hold 100.00 in the account so i just skim the top off when i win enough
    anybody else do this??
    possible stupidest question of the century..

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    I am never in a position to withdraw money, Cobbo………….nice to know someone is winning though! :wink:


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    Withdrawing that sort of money after betting in dollars is an incredible return so well done!

    I think it’s a very interesting point you’ve raised.

    I’ve got a ‘bank’ that I use for betting and never ever use money that I would otherwise put aside for household expenses to bet.

    I’ve made withdrawals on a regular basis, but the amounts are nothing spectacular. My next target is a bit away yet, so hopefully some time in the near future I’ll get there and withdraw again.

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    early days reason…in the past ive been prone to bet whilst a bit pissed
    this ofcourse is a bad thing
    but at least im never that blind that i cant see the bottom dollar
    touchwood so far

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    I have an account "A" with my bookie and top it up or withdraw every Monday so Tuesday morning so I have the same amount in it at the start of each week …..never withdraw before and never after in any given week………winning go into a separate account "B" used only to keep track and top up when required.

    I never under any circumstances use the money in B for betting if A is empty……If I have an AP bet for example I use A and only have a bet if A can afford it.

    In other words I try to bet AP with the bookies money and not my own.

    Keeps me in line and prevents me from betting more than I plan to……..if I am losing in the week and fancy something strongly I simply don’t bet it if it means breaking th rule I set for myself.

    Might sound complicated but works wonders for me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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