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    Just been looking through an old copy of The Opportunist magazine and came accross an ad for the ‘System 2’ Horseracing System.

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy? (I’d be willing to swap).

    The results look pretty good, 33 WINNERS FROM LAST 38 SELECTIONS. No wonder the guy is selling for £100.

    Other claims. 84% winners in three months, Best winning run 12, worst run of losers 1. August 12 winners from 15 selections. 17 from 19 in September and 8 from 10 in October, (I make that 37 from 44)?

    Selections from daily newspaper, Flat and National hunt racing.

    How is the system panning out since October 2003 to date?

    Have you got a copy of this system and will you swap it or give it away?

    Reply or PM Please…


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    Never heard of the system but it sounds to good to be true, did they list winners and losers,profit to level stakes.If someone can prove me wrong then we can all give up working for a living.                                                                                         Best of luck Terry    

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    I think you’re right to be sceptical Terry. Any system can show stupendous results on short samples, but these results do indeed look too good to be true. Nevertheless would love to see it. Maximum had a fantastic day at Lingfield with 5/6 – see his other thread.

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