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    <br>Hi everyone. Sorry about the delay with this, I’m sure everyone understands the reason for it.<br><br>End of season review

    Daily does it<br>Any lingering hopes that Grey Desire had of miraculously wresting the title from Racing Daily were dashed by an in-form Johnny B, who posted the day’s highest score and the second highest score in any division all season (Manugirl having posted the best score in week2 in the Premiership).<br>Consequently Racing Daily’s final week defeat to Irsheyez had no bearing on the outcome of the title but it did ensure that our friend from across the water, promoted from the Championship last season, was able to overhaul GD and secure the runner-up slot.<br>Last year’s runner-up Kevin finished in fourth after a scoreless draw with Roland rounded off his season. Reigning champ Roland will be rueing his poor early season form as he finished the season with only one defeat in his last six but three straight defeats in his first three matches left him facing an impossible task.<br>Manugirl had a rather in and out year, occasional flashes of brilliance being countered by some scoreless weeks. Corma67 had a steady year, never challenging at the top but, also, never really being in any real danger of relegation.<br>JohnnyB’s renaissance in the last two weeks of the season ensured that he will be playing Premiership tipping next season but, alas, that won’t be the case for Flatseasonlover whose point against Manugirl wasn’t enough to avoid the drop.<br>Letsgetracing failed to show up for most of his matches and, to ensure we avoid a similar situation next season, those players failing to turn up for more than half their matches will be eliminated from the league to make way for players who are more reliable.

    Anne the class act<br>The Championship was dominated by the unbeaten Anne7, who ended up winning by 4 points, and she, fittingly, turned in a top display in the final week, trouncing Slipperytoad who, despite posting a profit on the day himself, saw his promotion hopes evaporate. <br>Adrian also posted a profit on the final day and took all three points but he too ended the season a disappointed man as  Michael Walsh’s victory over CelticOK ensured that it is Michael who will be playing with the big boys in next season’s Premiership. Michael, who posted a big level stakes loss over the season, nevertheless fully deserved his second place as he joined Anne7 as the only two players in any division who were undefeated throughout the campaign.<br>Perry and CelticOK finished mid div along with The Wizard, who staged a remarkable recovery after losing his first five matches and then, after changing his selection strategy, won all four of his remaining games. If he continues in that vein next term, he may well be looking at challenging for promotion to the Premiership.<br>Bob Rolf, however, will be playing in League One next time out after a scoreless last week ensured that he finished second bottom. Bob can count himself slightly unlucky as his level stakes performance was third best in the division but that counts for little in this competition and I’m afraid Bob slips into the lower league.<br>Xanderkir failed to turn up at all and will, consequently, lose his place in the league next year.

    <br>Caravan pulls away<br>Caravan had League One sewn up a couple of weeks ago so his final week defeat at the hands of Ken1 was inconsequential, other than that it ensured second place and promotion for Ken. The other players in the division all finished within a few points of each other although 3rd placed 2-y-o Tipster will be wondering how he managed to compile such a good level stakes profit and still find himself remaining in the bottom league. However, he need not worry because , as a result of the elimination of Letsgetracing and Xanderkir from the league, there is an extra promotion place into the Championship up for grabs so the good news for 2-y-o Tipster is that he will be rewarded for his third place and good performance by an unexpected promotion.<br>Kingmonkey also posted another level stakes profit and, as has been noted through the season by others, he remains particularly strong on the all weather.

    <br>Many thanks to everyone who played for making it a great competition and hopefully season 3 will take place in the winter, when those jumps specialist tipsters can come into their own. A very well done to all those who won or finished in the prize money this time around.

    I will make arrangements for prize money and the Premiership trophy to be sent out so if everyone who finished first or second in each division can pm me their contact details that’d be helpful.

    Finally, a big thank you to our sponsors SUPER SOCCER for their kind sponsorship of this competition and to LRM for ensuring that the players were well rewarded for their efforts. SUPER SOCCER are offering a range of World Cup prices on their web site which is well worth a visit.

    Week 9 results


    Johnny B  17.50 Vs (2.50)  Grey Desire<br>Roland  (5.00) Vs (5.00)  Kevin<br>Racing Daily  (2.63) Vs 2.88  Irsheyez<br>Corma67  (5.00) Vs (5.00) Letsgetracing<br>Fanciedhorselayer  (1.75) Vs (1.75)  Manugirl


    Jairducochetfan  (5.00) Vs 3.17  Adrian<br>Anne7  15.00 Vs 3.35  Slipperytoad<br>The Wizard  (1.50) Vs (5.00) Xanderkir<br>Bob Rolf  (5.00) Vs (2.90) Perry<br>CelticOK  (5.00) Vs 2.10  Michael Walsh

    League One

    Grizzo  (5.00) Vs (5.00) Kingmonkey<br>Aranalde  (5.00) Vs (5.00) LRM<br>Citygirl  2.50 Vs (5.00) Cormack15<br>Ken1  5.50 Vs 1.10  Caravan<br>2-y-o Tipster  8.25 Vs 5.18  Sberry

    <br>Final League Tables


    19 Racing Daily  14.49<br>18 Irsheyez  22.43 <br>___________________________<br>16 Grey Desire  6.08 <br>16 Kevin  -0.9 <br>13 Manugirl  16.29 <br>13 Corma67  -3.93 <br>13 Roland  -6.33 <br>10 Johnny B  6.2 <br>_________________________________________<br>7 Fanciedhorselayer  -24.13 <br>5 Letsgetracing -29.5


    23 Anne7  10.05<br>19 Michael Walsh  -16.42<br>_______________________________________<br>18 Adrian  2.41<br>15 Slipperytoad  -11.74<br>12 Perry  -10.88<br>12 The Wizard  -14.39<br>11 CelticOK -3.79<br>8 Jairducochetfan  -29.77<br>_____________________________________<br>7 Bob Rolf  -3.47<br>1 Xanderkir  -45

    League One

    19 Caravan  22.93<br>17 Ken1 -10.62<br>13 2-y-o Tipster  17.03<br>____________________________<br>12 Kingmonkey  4.75<br>12 Sberry  -4.49<br>11 Cormack15  -9.45<br>11 Grizzo  -20.5<br>11 Citygirl  -23.85<br>_______________________________<br>10 Aranalde -31<br>9 LRM  -24.7


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    thanks for running this comp, i have enjoyed it.

    two year old tipster
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    Many thanks.

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    thanks for another great comp cormack 15. looking forward to the next one great work. anne7.


    (Edited by anne7 at 11:09 am on June 14, 2006)

    Andrew Hughes
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    Excellent competition, Cormack and an enjoyable write-up every week

    Racing Daily
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    Echo these comments.  Thanks for running this splendid competition, and here’s looking forward to many more seasons of play 🙂

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    Thanks alot Corm for running this great competiton again and i thought it was very thoughtful and respectful givin it a while before postin as a respect to daylight.

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    Thanks for all the work Corm- looking forward to making yet another attempt to get out of the bottom league next time round.


    bob rolf
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    many thanks Corm for a great competition excellently organised

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    Hi Corm, When does the next season start of the Soccer Tipping Leagues ?

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