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Sportingbet going bust? Urgent

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    I have £500+ in Sportingbet which I have been trying to withdraw since Thursday.

    I have sent them pdf copies of my bank statements, faxs of proof of ID and of the two faces of my credit card.

    They do not reply to my subsequent emails and have even disabled my login so I am unable to print off a copy of my account should I need it to show the authorities. (Remember LOVEBET?)

    Take care!

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    They paid my agent X times that amount only days ago without a hitch…….think your panicking over nothing matey :shock:

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    Nothing unusual on the UK AIM (Alternative Investment Market) site – indeed the share price was up at the close of Friday trading.

    See for yourself by clicking here

    While I haven’t done business with Sportingbet for a couple of months, my experience is that they tend to always drag their feet by some two / three days when compared to payout speeds of other somewhat higher profile UK sports betting books. Very much suspect that it’s a lot to do with Sportingbet’s banking operations being based in Luxembourg. Which could very well have a bearing on the geographic location from which an online client is doing business from being that I see that johngringo’s hometown location is listed as being Brazil.

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    Thanks for your imput!

    What worries me is that Sportingbet put no value on you as their customer.

    I’m not a huge customer,they’ve only got about £600 of mine. But in all honesty 0ne has to ask who are sporting bet?:

    They do not have the capital to sustain one unique physical betting shop in the uk. They are virtual bookmakers whose capital is dependent on the optimistic wellwishing inherent in any badly researched investment.

    When you want to withhdraw a miserly 3 fig sum they diable your logon.

    And despite repeated emails, refuse to answer your legitimate concerns.

    I have never lost money to sportingbet,.I only ever deposited and subsequently won. Those that know me from various fora as ‘johngringo’ or ‘john in brasil’ know that I do no not use my rectum as my means of comunication and will be familiar that my methods, prosaic that they may appear, mean that the days of replenishing lost deposits on any betting site are a thing of the past.


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