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    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Ricky got wind of your return Gamble.
    he posted a thread of the betfair forum – ‘Snaith’

    SlippyBlue, replied

    “I’m so glad gamble is still around, I got him “unbanned” from here years ago when he was rattling a few cages (for fun)and people just did not know how to deal with him and he certainly did ruffle a few feathers on our horse racing forum. He (John) used to get involved with Don Butler (Cubone) often and it was a huge clash of egos which I scored it as gamble always won on points but only just! Both strong characters fighting for the same limelight! Laugh”

    nice post

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    Escorial – Ron Williams

    Just do a search for Ron Williams Racing.

    I am sure it is Escorial.

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    Fine research Matron, and he seems to have left the chat area for a venture that I hope pays off for him – seems rather fair at a pound a shot but he does have that premium service. Maybe he has Kathy doing his books (tax)….so presumably the Mersey thing .like a lot of small forums has bitten the dust.

    Nathan thank you for that and yes I looked over the thread and Slippy (salsabil) has a version of the past I will be correcting – but Slippy if you read this please wish Christian well and hope that his replacing the peaches on the beaches on the Costa is still better replaced by the more mundane early morning rain rattaty tat rattaty tat.
    Drone I replied exhaustively to you and Nathan on my lost posting but although I am a lover of conspiracy – Pilsen’referencing me, which my cursory check failed to evidence can more logically be explained by my surprise inclusion in this year’s poster of the year comp. Drone some of yourself and Wit’s contributions are sometimes seen as the fifth dimension in here but please keep pushing that envelope – intensity and variety adds to make a house froth at the rafters.

    Nathan I did take several months sabbatical on here but it might interest you to know that months turned into years only because I was denied access.My password was rejected and a message came up that I was not a registered member and strangely, was denied a route to change it – and trying to re-register came up with the message that the name gamble was taken. I could have come in as something else but problems would have ensued, and I did wonder and had just a small suspicion that maybe someone took the view to bar me due to my past reputation of mayhem in my shadow’s following makeup.

    I do hope New Years are going well for you all – My delay, if a delay is possible in the lounge was not planned but I try to write when in the mood and that was missing. I am forced ro write now on my titchy mobile – because my laptop is for the dungheap ( where did he go ?) – oh well it’s less inspiring but ‘does job’as they say up north !

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Quite a few have had log in problems over the years gamble, I think the server switch over or whatever it was caused a few ripples

    The mobile is a nightmare for typing barring text messages
    You also have to deal with any of those predictive changes to words
    I haven’t bothered to post on here via mobile for years
    good luck with it, would give me a right headache it would

    I had to laff at the bet-unfair forum, all those threads bumped up from Ricky with my username on there ‘Snaith’ it won’t let me reply for some reason, possible due to absences over there, not sure. Ricky certainly likes to report the death of TRF each year, but here we all are, still posting away.
    I have to admit to having a dip in interest on the horses, I still watch the big races and keep up to date with the news of it all but if it wasn’t for the competitions on here I’d have even less interest. Over the long haul I lose more than I win on the horses which adds to the dip.

    I’ve had a few more fingers in different pies over the last year, I’ve built upon what I started and things are moving in the right direction, it’s bloody hard work as a lone father and two jobs on the go but it will be worth it if I can keep it progressing.

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    Well Nathan you have always been very open about yourself – and well me just as much as you -but I had the benefit of anonymity. My sex and age have been state secrets and Glenn who I met twice in bankbroke – and both times he nicely drunk me under the the table -always refused to divulvge the exact size of my breast measurements and if those two bev sisters came between us and whether he was drinking in a real bar or a bra bra. I never got down south to M…to see him – so many things undone and so many things unsaid.
    I had no idea you are a single father and yes that’s tough, and demanding. You can call me John or Jane on my agony pole – and Sky described me as having a resplendent glowing mane – leaving all three possibilities – but we wont go there dinner soon. You have an awful lot on your plate, so my advice as I gyrate around this bloody pole like a monkey IS ….pace yourself, and make do as best you can, and time should be kind to you and it’s a case of getting through. Yes writing on this godamned awful mobile just won’t do.. but it’s where I am at sadly. The letters are so small I need 2/3 attempts to get my password right and just now had to wait 30 minutes locked out. …hmmm.. eating cold chicken and brussels sprouts in a jiffy- the dog’s having spinach soup – and my leftovers always look like that and I sometimes pass down the olive oil and call him popeye.

    Nothing to beat your deaf Jon exposes of old Nathan, and sorry the union is rare these days. Pass on my very best wishes – I almost feel I know him – so real were those narratives of yours and often backed up by piccys of him in the real world !!!! THATS REAL TECH AND I WANT IT :unsure:

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    Cubone (Don Butler)tried it on here for a while, but found the pace too slow, and after a thread that turned into a sort of Q & A and some minor later input he left.
    Thank you for your endorsements Slippy but to correct you there, or maybe it was a typo, but I was never banned from Betfair – Andrew Black who I corresponded with now and then ( rarely actually ) would never have allowed it. I was banned on here and at a time when Daylight was kept up at night by a new baby. Would be around fifteen years ago…. someone had technically hijacked TRF and kept it off the airwaves and down for 3 days. I suggested as a new poster it was me ( a leg pull actually ) but in his sleep deprived state Daylight took me tonmy word and I was dispatched. I can remember the jist of the damning post of mine back then ..

    that I had come to change things and one line in particular ” My mouth far larger than the Sargasso sea….. ” Anyway Slippy kindly coaxed me back in and well … yes I did change things bringing the page views from chit chat up by their bootstraps to near and then surpass the sacred horseracing views. Daylight’s counter measure was to split the whole shebang into several topics and shove the vastly popular lounge in the least accessible place – unlike Kermit – at the bottom of the stairs and we all went green.
    I was a bit of handful in those days of merry old yore yore, but yes, enjoyed all the heavy energy and craic enormously. We were all pioneers back then dipping our toes in a new medium, making history – now its all been there, seen it done it – bring out the old hat !!!

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    The last Noel – and I may be burnt toast as far as the majority of people’s memory or inerest is largely concerned – but my tree in the corner with the small multi coloured lights is still burning bright and is challenging the last official day of Xmas.

    Good King Whenishislast
    Well it never is !

    and I wish it could be Xmas every daay :yahoo: ( shut up Ron )

    When the crow laid out dazed

    at the roundabout

    deep and crisp and steamin

    All night barked the dog that night

    because the cat was cru-el

    Then an old man came in tight

    Whose for crow ?
    It’s The old man’s RULES

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    Dear Santa,

    1. Please can you make Ginge believe in something, anything even the sock he ties to the end of his bed on Reindeers Eve, or that shower over Cheltenham ( the one in his bath) or believe in the fifth…. ( Tchaikovsky’s symphomy but preferably the dimension)

    2. Can you breathe life into the lounge so that its comfortable for the flies to crawl up the walls again and be watched again….

    no rootin tootin mind
    days of silence but
    after the retreat is
    over and all has come to a stop

    That sound…

    the most beatiful sound
    I have ever heard

    NO not that- no stop
    mucking about

    Just stop

    that sound
    the ever so faint sound
    you can barely hear

    of a pun


    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Even Santa would struggle with those two
    although I’m sure ginger has a belief in his ability to beat the books

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    There is only one word that will do to describe Ginger Nathan and that is

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    Drone my dear fellow – thank you for suggesting that the posts recorded do not reoresent me – there was a reconfiguration and I lost thousands. The long haired Grasshopoer lost all his record and started again at nuk points. I think Grasshopper recorded two seconds in poster of the year behind the prolific Davies. ( My memory and sorry Grass if I am wrong) – you always wanted to be the anti -hero and your contributions rarely failed to hit the nail desoite often going against the grain.

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    O’s and P’s so close on the Qwerty config, reminds me of four candles

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    succinct :mail:

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Funny you mention Deaf Jon, Gamble
    I had a postcard arrive yesterday
    it’s normally the food he moans about but this time the entertainment is awful
    I also know when Jon is happy it’s when he is moaning
    ‘badly organised’ is his favourite phase
    I like to go along with him and look for badly organised stuff when I get out and about, I always report it back to him and then we get it’s all down to ‘bad management’
    so now I look out for that too…. :bye:

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    Hitler was arguably a greater orator than Churchill – apart from the great man’s ‘never surrender speech which was a motivator’s dream – the word battle between the two giants was close – but no cigar – and I hand this to the ” brilliant” but deluded Adolf. Bboth had commitment, both had flaws, but Hitler touched and manipulated the common man’s sensibilities with a commoner’s harp – he pulled the same yolk in the same fields – Churchill rode a horse !

    Deaf Jon has similar Churcillian charisma but has only ever declared a state of war on organisational chaos.

    Nathan I did find the postcard a throwback to a Narnia era, and a very nice personal touch – far more personal than Mein Kampf which was brutal and soul emptying, but Jon had a far better front cover and no intention to annex the landscape.

    The Collector was a book that had gruesome followers and motivated more than one serial killer. Fred Dineage lives in the South of this island. He uses his voice to describe such deviants who snuff out life for depraved self interest.

    I was once at a party with Fred a long time ago- He was there with his son and it was Fireworks night and there was this private Guy Fawks display – Catherine Wheels,bangers,Roman candles and rockets – but tame, particularly in decibels, compared with the Blitz.

    Outside on the drive was a Rolls and a Maserati – inside the wheeling nouveax rich – Me – I was there an accident of opportunity.

    Fred sat in one corner with his young son both bored out if their heads. I sat in another corner alone bored, but watching an ice cube slowly dissappear in a drink. I wanted to go over and have a chat – well, I thought we had a commonality – we were both outsiders and both inside but bored.
    Why did we never come together ? I rather resented his icon status and me back then, well I was a nobody. I was knee high to a grasshopper and sociability – Fred despite his sticvlike legs had the HOW factor and was a predator and hence as his victim I never spoke and we never uttered the word Hallo let alone HOW which he would have recoiled at !

    Well Fred if you are reading this, and who knows – Hallo and HOW :wacko:

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