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    I used to post these daily some years ago on a message board and usually received positive feedback. In each race just consider those in your opinion with the best overall form and credible recent form from runners at the short end of the probable market. There are always too many for serious betting but they do provide a sensible short list for further analysis.

    2.00 Marwah, Zeu Tin Tin
    2.30 ?
    3.05 Webbow, Granston
    3.40 Caribbean Coral, Golden Dixie
    4.10 Broomielaw
    4.45 ?
    5.15 Latanzul
    1.40 Eastern Gift
    2.10 Noojoom, Shore Thing
    2.40 ?
    3.15 Nouveau, Buckie Massa, Fableux Millie
    3.50 Red Blossom, Andmoreagain
    4.20 Mister Completely, Valance, Atlantic Coast
    4.55 Inside Story, Mythical Charm, Border Edge
    2.20 Van Bossel
    2.50 Princess Taylor, Milliegait, La Vechia Scuola
    3.25 Hamilton House, Ruby Legend
    4.00 Balakiref, Inter Vision, Middlemarch
    4.30 Decipher, Thornaby Green, White Moss, Miss Havisham
    5.05 John Keats, Rondo, Ellens Academy, Orofund

    Looking for one in a race you can take the shortest SP, but not less than 2/1. If shorter consider it with any others listed in csf.

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    Some good priced winners on your list. How do you decide which horses have the best form?

    It’s no coincidence that a lot of the horses on the list are close to top-rated in the RP and have(as you say) good recent form.

    I’ve been looking at RP and Topspeed ratings alone as a quick guide to forming a short list, so we seem to be treading a similar path. I think it could be the right one judging by this week’s results. I’ve only posted one meeting a day because of time pressure, although I’ve been keeping my eye on one or two others, and there have been plenty of winners.

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    I did write ‘simple’ so obviously it’s not rocket science deciding the ‘best’ overall form and you are more or less correct in your assumption re near top handicap ratings. Consider all the runners in a race within 5 points/lbs of top-rated as being worth assessing. I have often used RPR but today it was the Daily Mail Formcast.

    class tells
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    formath what about the the four top class[vdw] lto horses [jock bingham]have,nt followed them blind do you think they would make a profit

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    class tells,

    I would never follow any system/method blind but would always check that selections could probably perform well opposite the conditions of the race they are running in. These days I am more interested in seeking longer priced selections rather than just looking for winners at any price. I have read the Jock Bingham books but never followed the advice as he was concerned with trainers and how they placed runners and all I ever did with VDW was to narrow the field. That brings us back to this thread where I am doing more or less the same thing.

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    1.45 Mud Monkey
    2.15 Callisto Moon
    2.50 City Affair, Tarkesar, Look Of Eagles
    3.25 Lusaka De Pembo, Donovan
    4.00 Prince Ary, La Grande Villez
    4.35 Itsmyboy
    5.10 ?
    1.40 Seeking The Buck, Ravenna, Tifernati
    2.10 Better Hand
    2.45 Classic Punch
    3.20 Wake Up Maggie, Silver Touch
    3.55 Lovelace, Partners In Jazz
    4.25 ?
    5.00 Viva La Flag
    1.55 ?
    2.25 ?
    3.00 ?
    3.35 Royal Rock
    4.10 Guacamole, Karoo Blue
    4.45 Dawn Sky
    5.20 Venir Rouge, Rowan River
    2.05 Tadalavil, River Gleam
    2.35 Zabougg
    3.10 ?
    3.45 Zomerlust, Indian Trail
    4.20 Soul Mountain, Princess Cocoa
    4.50 ?
    5.25 Inchinata, Alaghiraar

    class tells
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    first few in betting mail,top 2 in ratings mail,first secound or third lto,under 28 days lto mixture of bradock and vdw thinking of that last week

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    3.30 Swift Princess, Russian Gift, Spinning Game
    4.30 Gallego
    5.00 Lord Of The Reins, Stir Crazy, By The Edge

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    Haydock Sep 8

    2.05 Golden Dixie, Indian Trail, Special Day
    2.35 Olympian Odyssey, Caldra, Winged Cupid
    3.10 Sakhee’s Secret
    3.40 Samurai Way, Regal Flush, Sagredo
    4.10 Little Big Boy, Victorian Bounty, Royal Confidence
    4.40 Jedediah, Campanologist
    5.15 Seeking The Buck

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    Hi Formath

    as Homer says "Quick job is a good job".



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    York Sep 9

    2.20 Choose Your Moment
    2.50 Tugalu, Love Of Dubai
    3.25 Neon Blue, Zennerman, Joshua’s Gold
    3.55 King’s Apostle, Wyatt Earp, Partners In Jazz
    4.30 El Coto
    5.00 Atlantic Coast, Indonesia
    5.30 Karlani


    3.25 George Washington

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    Newcastle Sep 10

    2.30 Atabaas Pride
    3.00 The Cube
    3.30 Golden Groom, Sharaab, Balakar
    4.00 Conjecture, High Five Society
    4.30 Alpes Maritimes
    5.00 Decipher, Farne Island

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    Leicester Sep 11

    3.20 Red Blooded Women, Fleuret, Hart Of Gold
    3.50 Teodora Adivina
    5.20 Majebar, Thornaby Green

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    Doncaster Sep 12

    2.05 Kandahar Run
    2.40 Sophi’s Girl, Crystany, Anosti
    3.10 Newly Elected
    4.20 Peace Offering, Galeota
    5.30 Ravarino

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    Doncaster Sep 13

    2.05 Determind Stand, Cobo Bay, Siberian Tiger, Ghetto
    3.10 Turbo Linn, All My Loving
    3.45 Spacious, Don’t Forget Faith, Step Softly
    4.55 Majuro, Miss Lucifer

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