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    I’ve noticed for a while now that the media (specifically taking their information from bookmakers, I guess) seem to be very selective in reporting the morning’s ‘market movers’. It struck me that this must be a deliberate ploy as the bookies don’t want to alert people to a gamble on a horse when their liabilities are already very high.

    I use Oddschecker so obviously if I could be bothered I could check the individual price movements of every horse, but is there an online resource which can show you accurately all the morning’s market movers?

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    The ‘Market Reports’ in the Tools section of Oddschecker is pretty comprehensive, have you used this?

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    Tuffers you are right in assuming the "Market Movers" come from the bookmakers reps, who in turn get them from their trading rooms.

    I have to confess I do tend take them with a pinch of salt – the only time my antennae twitch is when I hear of the same mover, independently, from several bookmakers.

    Some layers are more forthcoming than others when they do have a potentially large liability on a runner, usually when they are actually happy to take it on.

    Not surprisingly the one person who spends most time chasing market movers is C4’s Tanya and interestingly she seems to use her own contacts within the bookmakers rather than the on-course reps.

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    I always tune in to The Morning Line for Tanyas ‘Market Movers’ and Tommo’s and John Francome’s tips, it narrows the field a little to which horses WON’T be winning. :wink:

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    The lead-up commentary in bookies can be amusing like that. You’ll hear a lot about horses at the front and even about mug money gambles but fairly often, a well-handicapped horse that I’ve backed (and which wins)doesn’t rate a mention. Most curious! 8)

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