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SELECT 3 HORSES to win on Saturday 17th October 2020-Week 19 of the Flat

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    Leop 3.00 Mexico City
    Mark Ras 4.31 Red Risk (Nap)
    Wolv 7.30 Betsey Trotter
    Strat 4.03 Game Lion
    Strat 2.53 Franckly Du Berlais
    Asc 1.55 Oxted


    Hot FussHot Fuss
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    1:20 Ascot – Broome

    1:55 Ascot – Happy Power (Nap)

    3:45 Catterick – Muscika

    4:31 Market Rasen – Ashoka
    3:56 Market Rasen – Pic D’orhy

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    All at Ascot
    Glen Shiel 1.55
    Thundering Nights 2.30
    :bye: KEATS (Nap) 4.15 :bye:

    Res 1) Pyledriver 3.40
    2) Lope Y Fernandez 1.55

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    Ascot: 1.55 Dream Of Dreams (Nap)
    Wolverhampton: 8.30 Satone Japan
    Ascot: 3.05 Veracious

    Ascot: 4.15 Solid Stone
    Wolverhampton: 6.00 Zikany
    Market: Rasen: 3.21


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    Parys Mountain 4.50 Catterick
    Branston Dancer 6.00 Wolverhampton Nap
    Dulcima 8.30 Wolverhampton

    Symbolize 4.15 Ascot
    The Tin Man 1.55 Ascot

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    I missed my reserve Market Rasen: 3.21 Dream Berry


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    16 points for Dfward (Glen Shiel 16/1)
    5 points for Bob Rolf (Authorizo 5/2 NAP)
    3 points for Nathan Hughes (Poetic Flare 3/1)

    116.0 – Venture To Cognac
    100.5 – Kingmonkey
    100.0 – TheKryptonFactor
    85.5 – Hot Fuss
    66.0 – Dfward
    63.0 – BigG
    62.5 – Bob Rolf
    55.0 – Triptych
    52.0 – Wyldesyde
    48.0 – Over2u
    45.0 – RedRum77
    43.0 – Nathan Hughes
    40.5 – John Gooch
    37.5 – Robnorth
    35.5 – Jonova2003
    32.0 – Raymo61
    31.5 – Steve75
    26.0 – Dynamite21
    24.5 – Middle Of March
    23.0 – Euroalien
    16.5 – Greenasgrass
    12.5 – Cork All Star
    6.0 – Alexander
    4.0 – Chestnut
    4.0 – Nenni

    Best NAP – Author’s Dream (Kingmonkey, 33/1)

    Congratulations to Venture To Cognac for winning this year’s 2020 flat season competition. Obviously, it would have been ideal for a full season to have played out but there were plenty of fantastic priced winners from numerous competitors (most notably of which Author’s Dream for Kingmonkey, who scoops best NAP). Thank you all very much for playing and, on my part, I’m more than willing to run the jumps side of the comp commencing next weekend.

    As ever, please let me know if I’ve made any errors with this week’s scores.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Thanks for all your efforts Krypton, much appreciated.

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    Very well done Bobby (VTC) you had some cracking winners in there. I hoped I might have
    caught you with my big priced nap (like the 1 that mugged me from Hot Fuss :wacko: ) but at
    least I had the compensation of taking Sir Busker at 66s and 80s E/W.

    Thanks for keeping this one running Krypton, it would be a strange forum without this on
    a Saturday. Many thanks :good:

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    Well done Bobby (Vtc) for winning the 3 horses flat competition yet again from King Monkey and The Krypton Factor extremely close in 2nd and 3rd place. :yahoo: and many thanks to Krypton for keeping the competition going and doing a fantastic job of scoring every week. :rose:

    If you could PM me your details Bobby and King Monkey I’ll get the prizes sorted. Prizes as per last season..
    Best Nap

    Look forward to the first week of the jumps select 3 horses (I think) which runs through to Grand National day 2021
    Let’s hope we have our racing back as we know it and Covid is a thing of the past. :good:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Thanks Jac and Graham

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    Congrats Bobby! Great job winning this contest. :yahoo: A close race with KingMonkey & TKF for second and third. Lots of good tipping.

    Thanks for running this TKF. :good: Always love the competitions on this forum! Looking forward to doing better in the NH pick 3 contest!

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Well done Vtc, your eye for a big price selection is 2nd to none.
    Great effort in behind too both getting over 100 points.
    Thanks TheKryptonFactor for running this one for us all and Jac for providing the prizes
    I’m happy to add a tenner in the next comp for the first person to win the starmix challenge

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    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    Well done, Bobby on winning you thoroughly deserve it. Hard luck to King Monkey but still you not gone empty handed by picking the best Nap. :good:

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Thanks guys, much appreciated

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