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    THE BBC has dropped Rough Diamond, the Sunday evening racing drama screened earlier this year, after just one series.

    World Productions, makers of the six-parter filmed entirely on location in Ireland, on Tuesday admitted being “very disappointedâ€ÂÂ

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    NWRA, check T** S** website. it might explain things.;)

    The BBC today announced a sneak preview of their new, innovative schedule for Sunday nights in a bid to boost disappointing ratings, badly affected by competition with programmes such as "The Simpsons" and "Heartbeat" with that Nick Berry.

    "It’s a battleground out there and we’ve come out fighting", said BBC Schedules Co-ordinator, Oliver Toby Mazzanti. "We’re confident that the cosy Sunday nght legacy of the King’s Singers and "The Brothers" at the Beeb is a thing of the past. We’ve been given a total licence to innovate and we’re looking forward to winning new viewers".

    Radio Times – Sunday 3rd June 2007:

    7.15 "Jamie’s Dream Kitchen" Top TV chef Jamie Oliver presents a light-hearted look at cooking in the new millenium. This informative programme comes with an accompanying book and free fact sheet. Guest chefs include self-confessed take away addict Graham Norton, Sue Barker and Laurence Bowen.

    8.15 "Laurence’s Dream Lounge" Hot new decorating show presented by crushed velvet TV paintsmith, Laurence Bowen. Each week, Laurence lightheartedly decorates a lounge a different colour. He hopes to turn us all into a nation of keen stencillers and pasters. Guest decorators include Jonathan Ross, Jamie Oliver and self-confessed DIY-phobe, Graham Norton.

    9.00 "Jezza’s Dream Cars". Bemulleted TV car enthusiast, Jeremy Clarkson, takes us through a world of fast – and some not so fast – cars. He offers his unique, irreverent look at the motoring world and takes some lighthearted trips around Silverstone and Europe. Guest drivers include Laurence Bowen, Jamie Oliver, Felicity Kendall and self-confessed learner driver, Graham Norton.

    Can’t wait, lads.:biggrin: <br>

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    Is that what the Beeb calls quality Sunday night viewing?

    Thank god someone invented the pub. ;)

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    Anyone think the licence fee is money under false pretences? They may as well have adverts instead of previewing this rubbish day after day.

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    :cool: Max :biggrin:

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    Just glad to see they didn’t commission another series of that sh*te.

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    :( I have to admit I loved it, ok its not accurate at all and i spend most of it going ‘err no’ but it was quality telly….

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    Never bothered watching this,not after wasting my time a few years ago watching ‘Trainer’  Was this as bad?

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    there was a fit irish guy in it if that helps….:D

    Malc Smith
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    Jilly, imagine a series which was "made for all the family" about a trainer in Ireland fighting his demons of gambling and was trying to run a shoestring yard.  Whilst next door there’s a Coolmore type operation which is forever trying to close him down.

    Close your eyes here and you could be thinking that this is that awful yuppie series ‘Gentlemen and Players’.

    And the said trainer gets by by his charm and, um, generally saves the day from week to week.

    It really was a poor show and I am glad that the BBC put up the green screens and the vet put it out of its misery.

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    Binning this series is the best horseracing decision the BBC have made in years.

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