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    Just been looking through this week’s forthcoming racing, and noticed a race in honour of Richard Whitely is being run at York on Saturday (the meeting being covered by Channel 4).

    However, the race is at 4.20pm, yet Channel 4’s coverage ends at 4.00pm.

    Okay, its only a crappy median auction maiden, but even so, quite a poor showing on Channel 4’s part to not show a race named in honour of one of the channel’s recently deceased icons – dontcha think?

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    Yes, seems a great shame.

    I suppose an auction race wouldn’t attract as much off course betting as a run-of-the-mill handicap, and of course it’s the betting industry, rather than sporting considerations, which rules the roost.

    It’s not too late to reschedule the race to form part of the C4 coverage, but there’s very little chance of this happening, unfortunately.

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    Perhaps they could have the Countdown countdown played over the tannoy during the race – dh, dh, dhd, dh, dhd, dhd, dhd, diddah, diddah, diddah, diddle de deeerrrrrr! (forgive spelling…and bad taste :) )

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    Mounty, you’re a ****
    sonant! :biggrin:


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    Was Twice Nightly a particular fan of York over Beverley (which is at least 4 miles closer to Wetwang)? I’d have thought an event there may have been at least as appropriate.

    Mare of Wetwang only ever won in selling class, incidentally, so it’s not as if staging a Class 2 or 3 handicap or similar in Richard Whiteley’s memory would be in keeping with his success as a horse owner (although it may well be commensurate with the celebrity / degree of affection with which he was held).


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