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    Mr. PilsenMr. Pilsen
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    Surprised that there are not more replies to this :?:

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    Hi Richard

    I am asssuming of the horses you rode Killiney was the one with the most unfulfilled potential? Did you believe that he was a potential Gold Cup horse? Everyone of a certain age will remember him but were there any other horses that you rode that for one reason or another didn’t quite reach the heights expected?

    Aside from Crisp was Pendil’s defeat of Helmsman in the Massey-Ferguson (?) the best weight carrying performance you were associated with?

    I would love to see that race again. We are lucky to have many old races on You Tube but relatively few from the 70s which for me was something of a vintage period. Through your association with the BBC do you know if the BBC holds an archive of the old Cheltenham Festival broadcasts from the 70s? If so I am sure I am not the only one who would love to see the races (in full) again – perhaps the BBC could liaise with Cheltenham?

    What did you think of Andy Turnell as a rider? Has there ever been anyone else who has come close to emulating his riding style?


    Pendil won eleven in a row, often very easily and on the bridle but under me and in my hands I could feel him pulling easing up . He was a horse that curled up under the whip, he just loved fighting which became our undoing in the ’73 Gold Cup. We had made plans, me wanting to come half way up the hill yet Fred Winter reasoned he’d rather get beaten from my coming too soon than making a mistake at the last and not getting there, how prophetic those words were. His defeat by The Dickler hurt me personally as Pendil was far superior every other time we met. Those who say we did not get the trip are wrong, he was in front a stride after the line and had we raced to the stables would have bee lengths in front.
    Then, horses like Arkle regularly gave stones away in major hcaps inc. Crisp and that was the reason he came here as the Oz’s were trying to put so much weight on him, his owner thought it unfair to the horse.
    Andy Turnell rode so short he could have been Lester Pigott so his balance must have been superb but in turn he pulled far more horses up in races than any other rider, surprising owners by saying they would win next time. His reasoning was not to bottom them just to finish a tired fourth or fifth, now that would be construed as schooling in public and loads of suspensions. In the ’75 G Nat he rode just as short as in a hurdle race until slipping the reins on landing over Bechers but missed the buckle end to do a backwards roll over the horses tail, in doing so he pulled Paul Kelleway out of Barona’s saddle, the two riders ending up in the grass holding hands!
    On that score remember Piggot rode twenty six winners over jumps, can you see Dettori trying the same thing?

    Can’t believe it had anything to do with this but today Channel 4 showed a very short clip of the Pendil/Helmsman race. Needless to say the highlight of the programme for one viewer.

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    Thank you Richard for sharing
    your passion for horse racing
    with us,possibly missing the
    big surf, as your aired your
    views on the big topics.

    You have become an indelible
    part of racing history and
    I scibbled down a short poem on
    a longish bus journey which
    I have just tidied up.
    It was a dark day today :mrgreen:



    Like the run of the fog on the Tyne
    they will be re-watching the old crime
    in well over a hundred years time

    With hoover parts for hearts
    and implants shaking with gel
    they’re down at the start at Bates Motel

    On a beech chair panted and pining
    he couldn’t get up and she’s crying
    for dear Dickie so hard he was trying

    Mother shouts out now Norman tell
    What the hells that awful smell
    Not out of the swamp
    you know I’m not well

    The new man room one
    called Dickie Mum
    I made him into rum

    Mr. PilsenMr. Pilsen
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    I hadn’t realized that JT McNamara was that close to retiring before his awful accident. Makes me even more sure that AP should get out sooner rather than later.

    Great to hear that JT McNamara is at least out of hospital now and back home in Ireland. … orror-fall

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    Keep on dancing
    Mr P wherever you are
    you old crust :(

    Ooh you and me
    you and me
    I feel do – ves
    (Donna Summer)

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    Lager Boy is alive, probably still overweight and has shacked up with horses who talk politics

    The existential chitter-chatter’s good on that asteroid though. I’ve managed to get the occasional word in edgeways but it takes time to become a gang member asked to pack the pantechnicon and exit Coventry. Wrists have yet to be slashed and blood rubbed. O-neg and AB-pos is not an ideal mix anyway

    Wait in this place where the shadows run from themselves
    You said no strings could secure you at the station
    Platform ticket, restless diesels, goodbye windows
    I walked into such a sad time at the station
    As I walked out, felt my own need just beginning
    I’ll wait in the queue when the trains come back

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    you called it right

    visibility is poor
    and we are waiting
    on a platform
    with ten other ghosts
    when the tannoy
    suddenly crackles
    into life

    For those waiting
    on platform 1
    the train
    is delayed.
    There will be
    announcement and update
    next year

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