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    … that was the worst ride I’ve ever seen given on a British racetrack.

    Surprised this ride hasn’t been mentioned (though I only had a half second glance at the forum)

    First he get’s himself boxed in, even with just 4 rivals.<br>Then he decides to kick on 2fs after he should have done (being an unfit horse and that).<br>When he does kick on, he flaps his arms like a little girl who’s just had a colonic offering no encouragement to the horse to speed up.

    I’m just glad I didn’t have money on him otherwise I’d be really vexed!

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    Didn’t think the ride was half as bad as some made out, horse was hanging in behind, horse may have problems and was out in plenty of time if good enough. Wasn’t exactly making ground hand over fist was he?

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    It was poor, but those of us who’ve been watching Hughesy over the years have come to see it as almost the norm in such an event.

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    He could not ride a blow up doll!!!

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    I’m not Richard Hughes’s biggest fan but I’m not going to jump on a bandwagon here. The ride he gave Day Flight wasn’t that bad at all the horse had ample chance he just didn’t pick up.

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    I didn’t see the race myself but it was the horse’s first run in nearly a year, so perhaps it (the run)was needed.

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    It wasn’t the jockey’s finest hour but he was at work with little response some way out. I’ve certainly seen a lot worse.

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    I did see the race and was at Newbury.<br>On the book we had a multiple Group 3 winner with a good record first time out running unpenalised in a listed race. This looked a good thing and plenty of Saturday afternoon punters lumped on.<br>However the horse’s record indicates that while it has a good win/run ratio, it has raced 14 times in its life (it is now 6), appears delicate to train , needs suitable ground and things to drop right for it. It cannot win above G3, getting beaten even in a German G2.<br>In the parade ring it required 2 attendants and seemed to have its mind on other things (not unexpected of a 6 year old entire). It also hadn’t been off this long before, had been given a long rest as it got jarred up and "felt sorry for itself" on its last outing according to the owner’s racing manager and threw its head around 2 furlongs out. The horse missed an engagement at Chester due to a slight setback and with hindsight connections felt it needed the race.<br>This isn’t to defend the ride which appeared ill judged or over confident. The horse has won before coming between rivals and Hughes seemed to want to reproduce these tactics, by which time too much ground had been conceded to a race fit Johnston galloper.<br>Hughes wouldn’t be my choice to ride for my life but his style  highlights his mistakes. For varying reasons Spencer, R Hills and TJ Murphy also have their critics waiting to rush into print.<br>The Home Affairs ride at Epsom last season was another Hughes horror show which arguably led to Stoute removing him from his Abdulla horses. However McEvoy didn’t look too great on Abdulla ‘s Arabian Gulf (the ageing Kinane appeared stronger) and Promising Lead.

    (Edited by Lingfield at 7:11 pm on May 21, 2007)

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    Frankly Hughesless backers only have themselves to blame.

    There’s only only one Richard H as far as I’m concerned and there was only one bet to be had at Newbury on Saturday – a double on his two rides with serious chances….for your entire bankroll.

    ALL IN

    Not Toooooo Far Richard

    No wonder he seems to have replaced Failon as Ballydoyle’s Group One Jockey of choice.

    (Edited by Glenn at 9:03 pm on May 21, 2007)

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    Lingfield’s analysis is commendably accurate.The shorter you ride the more you compromise vigour in a finish.Conjoined knees above the pommel(a la Hughes,Mcevoy,Lemaire,Ffrench,Dettori etc)allows you to rise into your hold immediately the gates open.Thus you have the option of taking a forward position i any given race.Low hands, head forward and using the contact point of your knees as a fulcrum to restrain a horse, one is reliant on nursing a runner as deep into a contest as possible.<br>Contrast that with Fallon who rides long,uses upperbody strength to hold a horse and as a consequence is NEVER quickly into stride.<br>The three ways to win are 1)nurse the speed and be compromised with vigour at the end 2)follow the speed through a field and have the added weapon of vigour toward the finish 3)get the tow off another horse and ride this way with either long or short style.<br>Hughes is exceptionally tall,is the best balanced rider in the UK,but sits so far forwrd that his trademark whip style is the only way he can reach all the way back to horses rump.<br>With the faint hearted Day Flight, it was obvious he was wanting to produce him between the two leaders and fool him to victory.Regal Flush’s run later in the day was compromised by Mcevoy’s patience but until I invent a saddle where you can lower the irons in running in order to use more leg vigour in a finish those that ride short are always best served by flat,turning and steadily inclined tracks.<br>Gosden is £ 4 £ the worst trainer of colts currently licenced and not far down on the general list either.

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    does anyboy have a URL to the Home Affairs race in question?

    Money on
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    Tony Hamiltons ride on Collettes Choice today cant be far away, insisted in going up the rail when it was clear to see bt he keep insisting in going for it. Into the bargain Pat Cosgrave got the ban for careless riding. Hughes has been a liabilty for the past 3 years now imo.

    He tries to win too cleverly or if he’s beat he doesnt ride as hard as he should for places and also gives horses alot to do at times. Stoute had the right idea and told Abdullah Hughes would be riding the ones he trained for him and i think as Trackside reffered to Home Affairs was the last straw. I think he’ll go back to jumps as he’s a big lad and he wont dont 8-7 forever or he’ll be dead.

    Richard Hills is another who comes in for alot of stick but at times he does deserve it and it bewilders me to how he holds on to the no1 job with Hamdam Al Maktoum. I’d rather have Martin Dwyer over him any day and would also have had Supple when he was no 2.

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    Didn’t think the Day Flight ride was that bad, thought it was more a case of jockey on the winner riding a good race. However, as a Richard Hughes apologist on more than one occasion I’m getting p**s
    ed off with backing his rides each-way ay Windsor only to see them get short-headed. Spiderback (9-1 into 5-2f) was bad enough but Sohraab (7-1 into 11-2 tonight) really took the biscuit!

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    Quote: from beauzam on 10:03 pm on May 21, 2007[br]Lingfield’s analysis is commendably accurate.The shorter you ride the more you compromise vigour in a finish.<br> <br>Of course you do!<br>Lester Piggot, who rode even shorter than Hughsie, was noted for his lack of vigour???<br>Or maybe R Hughes just isn’t very good?<br>

    Jim JTSJim JTS
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    I’m not one for blaming jockeys as they all have off days but Richard Hughes isn’t riding at his best right now and his rides on Cake (3rd in the 6.40), Oakley Heffert (2nd in the 7.10) & Sohraab (2nd in the 8.10) at Windsor last night could easily have been three winners for him had he been on the ball, all looked unlucky to me but as I said jockeys have their off days and I won’t stop backing horses because of who’s riding them.

    For the record of the above three I backed Cake.

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