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    Does anybody else remember Racing Review magazine from a few years back? what ever happened to it as i can’t seem to find it anywhere nowadays.

    Inside track and Racing Ahead aside, are there any other decent racing magazines out there anywhere?

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    I subscribed to Odds On but having lost 2/3 of my annual subscription when it folded I vowed never to subscribe to another mag. I can’t help thinking they must have had an inkling it was going to have to shut down a good six months before it happened yet kept inviting subscribers.

    This thread has opened up an old sore. :angry:

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    Does Odd’s on still get printed? or does it not exist anymore?

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    Quote: from EC on 7:55 pm on Sep. 3, 2006[br]I <br>what is happening with smartsig?.<br>

    No idea what plans there are for the seemingly dead website, believe the idea initially was to run it as a subs-only replacement for the defunct mag.

    Apparently there exists a ‘breakaway’ private e-mail discussion group called Smartersig.

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    I thought smartsig was a very good idea, but it had its time. Many of the last issues I subscribed to contained a few good systems ideas, but also some crackpot schemes. Stefan, who ran it, liked to give everyone a chance to put their ideas forward, with the result that latterly a lot of the content was of little use to anyone taking systems seriously.

    I don’t see any reason why our own forum’s system section cannot be used as a platform for people putting new or old ideas forward. Once it gains momentum, it could become a lively forum for exchanging ideas on systems and betting methods.

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    The most intelligent systems discussion i’ve come across is on Don’t post on there but normally have a read because they’re pretty switched on

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    Don’t suppose it will help, but if I remember rightly the annual subscription was less than £30. At the time the company went bust they owed me over five grand in royalties and I never got a penny.

    The man who ran it was a hopeless businessman, who has since gone bust again, but six months before the liquidation, the expansion process that caused all the problems had barely started and those of us closely involved had no advance warning. The crunch was an outside investor who backed out of an agreed funding deal and left them high and dry.


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    I like Pacemaker personally but it wouldn’t have anything about betting in it…

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    One of the Bookies gave me a free subscription to Inside Edge last year. I didn’t bother to pay for it this year. It had reasonable articles and analyisis about the big races but it seemed to be mostly about Poker.

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    Racing doesn’t really work in a monthly magazine format. It’s hard enough picking winners on the day of the race let alone five weeks beforehand. Racing Ahead has a few good articles, mostly those by Simon Nott, but most of the contributors are tipsters writing waffle in return for free advertising space. In The Know magazine was another failure in this sphere.

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    You may be interested (or not) that Lady Carrick is continuing her work as CEO of the Tibet Relief Fund of the UK … no=1061834

    <br>Lord Carrick has recently returned to company directorship with Mahogany Limited, based in Sporle, near Swaffham.

    I’m sure we all wish Mahogany Limited better luck than Inside Edge Publications Ltd (previously Aesculus Press Ltd) (dissolved September 2003) and Rowton Press Ltd (dissolved February 2004).

    erm……excuse me your Lordship….Companies House is showing the Annual Return overdue…..erm, presumably filed on time and their delay, but best to check…..criminal offence…..lumpy fine….. etc

    best regards

    <br>wit <br>(out of pocket £20 re Odds On)  

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    As someone involved in Racing Ahead, we have had a lot of positive feedback but the problem has been getting it in front of people.<br>Given that the major retail chains are difficult to interest without writing a large cheque for retail promotions we have had to rely on a lot of goodwill and the local, independent newsagents which is a tough way to sell the mag.<br>But I think sales of 10,000 a month aren’t bad for a small, independent title. We try to keep away from tipping because of the long run-in times and focus more on ideas and methods. That said, our ante-post guide has had some spectacular results (and failures) in past couple of years.<br>I don’t think there’s a lot of waffle in it and there are only two people who write articles in return for ads – and I shuddered to see our name mentioned in the same breath as In The Know!!<br>But the fact that I suspect that many of the people on this forum will never have seen a copy highlights our problem with lack of marketing budget, although we have done a fair bit of work on the racecourses.<br>Any constrcuctive criticism of the magazine would always be appreciated.

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    Maybe you should contact Cormack via the internal e-mail as the rates for advertising on The Racing Forum are most reasonable.  :biggrin:

    Regards- Matron<br>:cool:

    Irish Stamp
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    Pacemaker is ten times better than any other racing related magazine i’ve come across.  Shame only about 1 in 1,000,000 newsagents actually sell it.

    Malc Smith
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    I don’t agree that SMARTsig’s time was up.  As more and more information is readily available and people have better tools to crunch numbers I would say that SMARTsig is sadly missed.

    I get Racing Ahead each month from my local newsagent rather than subscription (support one’s local tradesman and all that) and I find that it does have more than it’s fair share of filler.   At least that excretable cartoon has gone but does anyone really need a one page badly drawn characterture of Lord Derby?

    Racing Review I used to subscribe to and I didn’t miss it when it folded.  I found the picture section where it would fawn to Lord and Lady Inbred of Berkshire appalling and cringeworthy.

    One that I am warming to isn’t a paper printed magazine but a PDF publication.  This is Horse Talk and for £2.50 seems to be good value and is sent directly from the publishers.   I expect that I will be subscribing to this one.

    Odds On I used to get and didn’t enjoy too much whilst I note that The Inside Edge is now a magazine for young women and not quite what it used to be.

    – Malc

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