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    [poll question=’Racecourse’ answers=’Ludlow,Sandown,Newmarket,Galway,Limerick,Cheltenham,Pontefract,Navan’ time=’16’]


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    I vote Sandown.

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    Oh dear.. even as a jumps member I couldn’t vote for sandown. The place has possibly the best natural assets of any course but is looking tattier and tattier. Especially compared with ascot and newbury which would be my choices. Ascots attention to detail is second to none in probably any sport. Regardless of what racing fanatics may think, it’s a stunning success withhe public.

    Newbury has been redeveloped superbly. The new pre parade ring is an architectural gem and the whole feel of the place is positive with again a good attention to detail. Had this conversation with a few at kempton this week and it’s rated the best course around by quite a few regulars

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    Newbury still looks awful and Ascot is overpriced and managed without a seconds thought for the average grandstand attendee.

    I voted for Sandown because the average quality of their racing is better than the likes of Newbury and Goodwood and for jumping offers the best spectacle outside of Aintree. The pre-parade is accessible unlike Newbury, it has an actual food-hall with proper meals on a plate unlike Newbury and unlike Ascot unless you want to pay half a week’s wages.

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