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    Thanks for replying Darell. One area of success I’ve been privy to is systems envolving runners returning to action within seven days namely the American Trilogy and The Triple Crown, indeed many punters pay little attention to it, but believe me many well priced winners can be gained, especially over the all weather where fitness is so crucial in attaining winners. One area I have never ventured into, is Trainer Form enthused greatly by Clive Holt Of Fineform fame. I’ve some ideas and will be relaying them soon…What we really need is a willing and wealthy member with access to Racing System Builder ( A quality computerised account with access to nearly all factors posessed within the Rcaing Post) This will give us a backdrop of results over the last 5 years or more of nearly any system you can ever dream of. This is the key we have the secrets lets make money!

    Anyone out there willing to help…thats the question though

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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