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    I still can’t win one. Came close a Wolves last night (even had the 12/1 in a four runner covered). It’s frustrating me no end. <!– s:evil: –>:evil:<!– s:evil: –> Anyone got a good idea of a winning perm for tomorrow? Stick your neck out, cos I’ve just about given up! Failing this, anyone got any good advice on trying to win one of these? My wife gets back tomorrow and the house is a tip. <!– s:? –>:?<!– s:? –> If I could tell her I won some money… <!– s:D –>:D<!– s:D –>

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    Mikkymo was very good at place pots, but I think even he gave up in the end, they are the most frustrating form of betting imo, you seem to fall at the first, or it all goes wrong in the last :cry:

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    Thank you for that! Hopefully Mrs Crizzy will walk in through he door as voice of reason comes in for a place, completing the winning bet,( paying a dividend of around a grand). I’ll throw in a few of mine for good measure too. A quick trip to the florist for a bunch of flowers and some mistletoe, back home to make an apology for the mess and it’s happy Christmas for the whole family. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Went out in first leg at Wolves tonight :(

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    Don’t get too despondent. After all, to win the placepot you have to back six ‘winners’. Just get the Pledge out and spray it around a few times and Mrs C will think you have been polishing the furniture. Works every time.

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    Placepots my main bet…

    Dont give up in October/November i was down about £200!!!! but in December im already up about £600.

    I tend to perm them in 25p or 50p perms.

    I pick all 3 in 3 runner races as £1 and £2 players tend to make the fav there banker on there placepot.

    As i say this my main bet now and i very rarely do single bets,and ive just had a quick check ive had about 10 single bets this season and not a crumb back!!!!

    But keep at it.

    By the way why not just clean the house-wacky idea i know but it might just work

    seasons greetings

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    Give these a go at Wolverhampton tonight

    Nawamees / Cool Isle
    Bond Becks / Theoretical
    Squirtle / Trew Style
    Angaric / Monkey Glas
    Morbick / Van Ruymbeke

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    No probs Marb..I’ve found a good hiding place for when Mrs Crizzy gets back :lol: Just enjoying watching now.
    aaronizneez, will give wolves another go tonight, cheers…

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