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    I’ve deactivated Pinza’s account. The purpose of this forum is to provide an enjoyable place for reasonable people to discuss racing. No one enjoys the sort of petty wrangling that he constantly instigates and, after putting up with it for (much) longer than I (and others) felt I should have, I’ve finally reached breaking point. It’s hard enough running this forum without having to waste time dealing with people who refuse to moderate their contributions despite repeated warnings.

    Pinza – if you want to continue to the whip debate, which I know you are passionate about and which I don’t want people to think I am shutting you up on (your banning has nothing whastsoever to do with our opposing whip views, you’ve had warnings which pre-date that by some time as you well know) , email your posts to me and I’ll put them up unedited (provided the subject is the whip.)

    I know some will find this decision unpopular but I’ve run out of patience and time with the fellow.

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    I know some will find this decision unpopular but I’ve run out of patience and time with the fellow.

    David,being someone who’s been there seen it and got the ‘T’ shirt,what exactly is the reason for banning Pinza? For you to create a thread on him suggests to me you want some feedback on your decision so for the record i liked his contributions,he was passionate,original,hardline and incredibly articulate.I believe for a forum to succeed you need viewers,viewers who can associate with the posts they read,viewers who are then inspired to become contributors.Everyone who tunes in to TRF has their fav ‘Poster’,i like to read those with an edge to them but also a sense of humour,


    had everything and i miss our battles,unfortunately for both of us,we were totally mis-understood.Pinza too is a character and every successful show needs them whether its Muppets,Villains,Hero’s,Comedians or Thespians,we need them all.I’ll stick to being the Loser! :lol:

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    Should I get my coat as well? :(

    I will put on record that I enjoyed Pinza’s passion, quality of posts and all-round interaction. Still, Pinza has a Twitter account….. so back to Twitter I will go.

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    I’ve given the reasons above KF.

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    Sir Gordon Richards will be turning in his grave. :lol:

    sorry, I couldn’t resist. :|

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    A real shame in my opinion.

    I’ve disagreed with Pinza in times past, but can fully appreciate his passion and the articulate way in which he always comes across, the forum will be a worse place for Pinza not being there IMHO.

    On the incident that appeared to be…the straw that broke the camels back….I genuinely thought Pinza had a valid point?

    If the thread was started as a personal thanks to Paul Struthers why was the thread title not titled in that manner?…i.e…My personal thanks to Paul Struthers….rather than Paul Struthers to leave BHA?

    Mr. Pilsen
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    I agreed with pretty much everything that


    ever wrote on here. He was certainly right in his view about the crazy new whip rules, IMO.

    A sad loss.

    Mr. Pilsen
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    Another sad loss to the forum is


    I know he was a bit pissed off with the slow speed issuses that we had some time ago.

    Was hoping he’d return when those issuses were resolved. Would be very interested in his view on the whip debate.

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    Can only echo what Mr P has just said about Pinza. For the sake of racing lets hope that he is wrong in what he believes,and he is passionate enough about racing to feel the same way I would imagine. Interesting to see where we are a year from now.

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    Crying shame, imo; the forum can ill afford to lose posters of his calibre. Had my own issues with Pinza in the past, but that’s part of the price you pay for the cut and thrust of interesting debate.
    Give me 10 of his ilk in preference to as many "look at me" posters as you can muster, and there’ll always be the foundation for the ‘intelligent discussion’ this forum has formerly been noted for.

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    In my view, sad if he had to go.
    I had many wrangles with him. Some of his responses to me were downright offensive (check the Dickie le Davoir thread), through to sublimely dismissive (and sometimes amusingly so).
    That said , if the custodians of the forum have given prior warnings, which were not heeded, then I think that they had little choice.
    I think that several posters really need to climb down from high horses, as the forum has certainly become more intolerant of others views since the whip rules issue.
    A little more informed debate and less repeated rhetoric would benefit us all.
    Still I am sure that he will reappear under a new username and be back to his old antics soon (ring any bells with anyone ?). Lol

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    I know he will probably not return even if the ban was lifted. maybe we should use a censor only to remove ILLEGAL posts. otherwise we will become like the whip people ie counting the posts we don’t like before banning someone!But censoring something because it MIGHT offend (which happened to me)is hardly the right approach in a public forum.

    Eclipse First
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    Given his previous warnings over his conduct I am sure Pinza’s statement and follow up were intended to make a martyr of himself.

    The other thread was started by someone wishing to show displeasure at members of the BHA including Mr Struthers. The fact that thread had gone off topic to some extent meant a new thread was wholly justified.

    Whilst his robust debating was entertaining, his conduct has earned the reward he must have desired.

    eddie case
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    Disgusting! You should be ashamed of yourself cormack, you’re acting like a tyrant.
    There’s little doubt if Pinza had the same views as you on a foam stick he would still be posting.
    Incidentally your Paul Struthers appreciation thread is wrongly titled, he had already left.

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    Fist, TAPK, Mr.Wilson, Pinza in the last 12 months.

    A very sad sight.

    ricky lake
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    Pretty bad day for the forum Corm

    This forum has lost a load of quality posters , surely we want to encourage instead of banishing them

    I thought your personal views on the whip issue were too strongly imposed for a person who is owner of this outpost , to ban someone who has pointedly disagreed , and more importantly whose overall posts were darn good ,is a mistake in my view

    As owner you should have taken a step back and not tried to ram home your view at each available opportunity , there were enough doing it already …to compensate

    As it stands now the forum is in tatters , its reputation for independent posting has taken a bashing , you need to restore that in my opinion

    Lets have Pinza back please


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    Pinza is a self-confessed ‘playwright, author and bon viveur’, and therefore by indefinite-definition likely to be erudite, articulate, polymathematic, passionate, provocative, confrontational, amusing, annoying, argumentative, confident and comfortable residing just inside his own rectum

    Therefore by definite-definition must be an interesting, thought-provoking, difficult, trying, but oh-so valuable member of a disparate debating society: TRF :?: :?: :?

    Which reminds me:

    Ian Davies was erudite, articulate, polymathematic, passionate, provocative, confrontational, amusing, annoying, argumentative, confident and comfortable residing just inside his own rectum

    Therefore by definite-definition must be an interesting, thought-provoking, difficult, trying, but oh-so valuable member of a disparate debating society: TRF??

    It’s yesterday once more…you just can’t handle those with these complex and unsettling traits can you Cormack? :(

    Regarding this straw that has appeared to break the camel’s back: Pinza’s reaction to your duplicative ‘Struthers’ thread. This is not the first time you’ve seen fit to start a new ‘breaking news’ thread when the breaking news has already been discussed elsewhere. At the very least this does give the impression that you post before perusing unread threads, which is discourteous to the posters and reflects badly on you as owner of the site

    You are of course free to begin any thread you like, but would it not have been better to reply to those who’d expressed opinions of Paul Struthers’ departure on the "…Roy, Stier, Morris or Struthers…" thread before starting your own?

    As it happens, Pinza got in with his

    "Many contributions about this Corm already on the "Anyone seen…" thread reply"

    post shortly before I was going to submit something similar. It’s of no consequence or imporatnce really but it did irk a little that your (old news) "Paul Struthers to leave BHA" thread appeared a fleeting few minutes after I’d waxed even more over-lyrically than you on t’other Struthers thread

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