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    I have been doing some homework. I visited Mark Johnstons website. His stable started a syndicate operation called the Kingsley Park Partnerships. Around 20 of us can form a partnership with the big man himself. I don’t know the figures yet but I plan to inquire. Hoping it could be between 200-300 a month each. I also need to find out about the purchase and ownership of the horse we get involved with. I am very experienced and wont have the wool pulled over my eyes.

    I scraped across the following from his site.

    Horse Racing Partnerships

    A great way to enjoy the fun of owning a horse while sharing the cost is through a racing partnership, in which up to 20 people can be members. It has become an increasingly popular way for groups of friends to get involved. Over the years, the partnerships have proved very successful with horses such as Broxbourne, Always Bold, Maid In Rio, Copperwood, Shernando, Mister Impatience, Sennockian Star, Ravenhoe, Dark Vision, Diviner, Victory Command, and many others recording wins for our partners all across Britain.

    For 2020, we have launched the latest Kingsley Park partnerships.

    One key feature of our partnerships is that they are all underwritten by Johnston Racing. Partners will never be asked to pay more than the sum which they have agreed to pay at the outset.

    Remember you only live once…now jump on board with me


    I have made further enquiries.

    MJ wants 85 pounds per day in fees. 20 of us in thats a little over 4 pounds each per day.

    Whats in the fees are very comprehensive.

    On the outset the fees are quiet high.
    If I am going to be part of history re MJ breaking his own training record every time he notches up a winner..then I have no problem paying that bit extra..especially when the cost is to be divided in 20.

    Horse racing is under a lot of pressure at the moment and I think we might pick up a nice horse for 30,000 pounds.

    So that’s an initial outlay of 1500 each.

    The 30,000 is not gone from the start we will still have the asset.

    The bottom line is 1500 each up front and 5 pounds a day each in training fees.

    MJ invoices us and we have 30 days to pay him.

    Imagine being in company and be able to tell someone that you contributed to the record that Mark Johnston holds.
    Every winner he gets he is breaking his own record of winners trained !!
    Come on boys and girls we just need 19 more as I am in.


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    I might ask MJ if I can spread the capital out lay over the year and maybe buy a horse for 15,000 max.
    Then see the monthly cost.


    You only die once

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    Not a lot of people look in here colusus and not a lot of people know that. More appropriate in racehorse section but appreciate you may have wanted more of a Donald Pleasance soft approach.

    flatcapgamble …the odd lager

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    Don’t think you could have picked a worse time to suggest such a syndicate if you tried colosus68 :yes:

    Covid 19
    Sky high training fees
    Already poor prize money, halved.
    Any horses available will have been purchased pre Covid 19 so will have inflated values.

    You might be better off waiting till next year, horse prices should drop at the sales this Autumn

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    Sounds ok in theory but think you would struggle to get twenty members.

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