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    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Start of a new season for me with Royal Ascot here, and now begins the long slog from Ascot to Punchestown. Dreading it, and looking forward to it in equal measure.

    The last three seasons have been three of my best ever, and I’ve got my work cut out to top them. Won’t be easy, as coming off the back of a good few losers at the tail end of last season, particularly at Punchestown, so confidence has taken a bit of a hit.

    Love Royal Ascot, but it’s usually a losing meeting, as I tend to be betting pretty blind, but it won’t stop me having a go. Fingers crossed for a good week.

    As usual, only bet in two of the races Ante-Post, with Tony Christie running for me in The Royal Hunt Cup, and Foolaad & Ice Age, standing their ground in The Wokingham. I had a couple of savers in The Hunt Cup, Chiefofchiefs & Battle of Marathon, but with that pair absent, I’ll certainly be adding more, with Hors De Combat, and Seniority (Reserve) near the top of the list.

    Loads of other races to look forward to, of course, and though I’ve more or less got the selections picked out for tomorrow, I’ll hold off until the morning.

    Not been much doing since Punchestown, and only bet a few horses here and there, and continuing the trend of the tail end of last season, most of them lost.

    Biggest loser was A Momentofmadness, Ante-Post in The Dash, but I got my stake back from him in France, and he continues to be a real favourite. He’ll definitely win a big pot, as will another of my favourite sprinters, namely El Astronaute, and particularly Justanotherbottle. Looking forward to the pair of them this summer, and having rabbited on about Bottle for a while, he gave me my biggest win of the summer, at odds shorter than I would usually play. The exacta that day with Midnight Malibu has been the only real highlight since April, but Malibu and some of the other “Midnights”, have really been doing me proud too.

    Long old road though, as I said, and I’ve kept my Ante-Posts to a minimum, and bar The Royal Ascot bets, haven’t really been topping up on The Cheltenham & Aintree horses. As well as Missed Approach, I’ve got a couple of dark ones I’m chipping away at, but I’ll keep them up my cuff for now, as there ain’t much liquidity right now, and it’s hard going.

    So off we go, and here’s the Ante-Posts for now,though I might add a couple of Ascot ones later tongiht.


    Royal Hunt Cup
    Tony Christie 40’s Each Way

    Foolaad 33’s Each Way
    Ice Age 20’s Each Way

    Northumberland Plate
    Euchen Glen 25’s
    Sam Missile 33’s

    King George Waiting Patiently 14’s and 16’s
    King George Black Corton 66’s EW
    – Not a big betting race for me too often in the past, but hopefully I’ll get them both there. The injury to WP is obviously a worry.

    National Hunt Chase Blow By Blow 25’s – For a horse who looks like being one of Elliots “target” horses, this seems very fair. Also with him 10’s any race, and he should be worth a try at this race, certainly looks the obvious target, to me anyay.

    Gold Cup Tiger Roll 100’s Each Way, and 150’s – Given the fact that he looks like getting reunited with Keith Donoghue next season, this looks like money down the drain already, but I’ve taken a swing just in case. Horse owes me nothing anyway, but I don’t think he’d disgrace himself. Sensible money would surely see him go Cross Country again.

    Gold Cup Terrefort 66’s – Mad mad price, and he’ll be my Ladbroke/Cheltenham Gold Cup “Double” horse this year, with maybe a repeat bid on Sizing Codelco, he is definitely on the way back.

    Missed Approach Grand National 70’s – I might have him wrong, but I just think that Greatrex is playing a blinder with this horse. Loads to like about his runs on the bigger stages, and hopeful I’m calling him right. I’ll do a book again (slowly started) but it will be slightly altered this season, and with a few coming out of Punchestown, it’ll be built around him, and six others, rather than the usual blanket approach.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Nothing too major for Day 1, taking into account the expected losing week ahead, but definitely a few of interest.

    I’ll take the usual approach of mainly minimum stake ew perms, taking advantage of place concessions, but there’ll be a few singles flying around as well.

    Queen Anne
    Beat The Bank looks well held for win purposes, he surely can’t land this, but I don’t know, there’s just something about this horse, and the 22’s for 4 Places appeals.

    Again, looking for an each way angle, with a couple of live ones at the top, and there are plenty who appeal. With 4 Places up for grabs, I’ll be with Ninetythreetwenty, and especially Vange, both at 33’s. I think both look worth following, and Vange has really caught my attention. I doubt it will be tomorrow, but I’m expecting a few wins over the next couple of years from Midnight Sands, who shaped well on debut. He won’t win, but won’t stop me adding him at 200-1 for 5 Places.

    Kings Stand
    Not really a betting race, The Kings Stand, but I’ll have a fun go on Battle of Jericho ew at 80’s. Can’t rule him out 100% at this trip. 99% yes, but not 100 lol

    St James Palace
    Looks a fairly weak renewal, and again, hardly a tempting race for a bet, but at a price, and he’s a price because of the ground, I’ll go with Chilean, just to win. Was at Haydock when he won last year, and he looked superb. 28’s seems sporting, even on that ground.

    Ascot Stakes
    This is more like it, and plenty to get stuck into. Always been a big fan of Sam Missile, and I’ve bet him for The Northumberland Plate at big odds. To be honest, as much as I’m a fan, I’ll always expect him to come up just short in something like this, but 33’s to 5 Places is smashing, and I’ll take him with Cleonte, same terms. Really decent race this, and at 100’s, I might even add Battalion.

    Easy choice here for me, with my old pal Spark Plug. Shaped very well last time, and 22’s for 4 Places is very fair.

    Not going mad, and should they all get stuffed, no harm done, as my staking is going to reflect my pessimism this week.. A few placed for the perms wouldn’t go amiss though.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Nothing much doing yesterday, but with confidence not high, it was very encouraging for me that the main bet paid out, with Vange running a blinder, and keeping me ahead on the day…………… about seven pence lol.

    Of the rest, well, the real low point was Beat The Bank. It would have been great to get off the mark with a 33-1 winner, and although I’ll rarely slate jocks, Crowley cost him the race, and he was a winner that got away. It was not a good day for Crowley, but I’ll be sure to be with BTB again. The only other decent enough bet was on Spark Plug, and I can console myself that I’ll be collecting from him in later in the year. A winner waiting to happen, and he looks a real contender for a repeat bid in The Cambrdigeshire. He’s clearly as good as ever.

    Not much bets today, but I have my biggest bet of the week, and my nap of the week with Tony Curtis in The Royal Hunt Cup. I’ve topped up the 40’s 7 Places, while the same terms appeal with Hors De Combat, and Seniority is in as a saver.

    I’ll probably ew perm the rest, though Servalan was a rare winner for me recently, and she’ll be bet, while Cliffs of Moher might get bet ew.

    Cliffs of Moher
    Tony Curtis, Hors De Combat, and Seniority
    Brother Bear & Glorious Journey

    Royal Hunt Cup
    Tony Curtis, Hors De Combat, and Seniority
    20p Combination Exactas and Trifectas


    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Delighted with Hors De Combat yesterday, 40’s was smashing, though the win would have been nicer. Losing day then, but he really did make a difference. As for Tony Curtis, I can’t give up on him for Goodwood just yet.

    Only one bet today, and really keen on Landshark in The Brittania. 40’s win, and 33’s each way 7 Places. He’s better than those odds for sure.

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    Nice you back Bobby my Ascot so far not great BLUE POINT at 12/1 ante post apart though got 3 bets today in

    Angels Hideaway 16/1
    Sioux Nation 5/1

    Any late views on Wokingham mate Dancing Star a NR am sure he got balloted out so on Brian the Snail at 33/1 put him up on twitter last month and added Danzeno at 25 who i like to

    And away from Ascot had a bet on jumps race at Market Rasen with Skelton team in fine form gone for Amore Alato 3/1

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Thanks Darren, good to be back, not that I’m doing that much just now.

    Yeah, quiet Royal Ascot for me too. It’s certainly not been a vintage one, but they can’t always be. Maybe a lot to do with me being backshift all week, and missing most of it. It’s never the same watching the repeats. Day off tomorrow though, and having not bet much at all, one bet the last two days, I’ll have a go tomorrow. No pressure, as not going to be a big losing meeting for me now.

    I’ll stick with the Ante-Post selections, Foolaad and Ice Age in The Wokingham, and I’ll top up the 7 Places. Favourite looks solid, but I’ll add Growl probably, win saver only though.

    I’ve taken the 14’s Nate The Great in The Chesham, while despite being an awful renewal of The Hardwicke, Barsanti looks worth adding to the perms.

    In The Windsor Castle, I have to be with Jungle Inthebungle. Been following the Bungle Inthejungle offspring, but at 25’s, this will be the first one I’ve bet. He looks decent each way value with 5 Places up for grabs.

    Diamond Jubilee, I’m strangely confident about The Tin Man, and was happy with 17-2.

    In The Queen Alexandra, 8’s looks fair for Pallasator, and I just have to take a chance with Tempestatefloresco at 50’s. I’ll surely get a run for my money at those odds.

    Barsanti might get bet on his won, but not 100%, but as I’ve mainly kept my money in my pocket this week, I can afford to definitely try the others.

    Away from Ascot, I like the idea of Caballero at Ayr, while I’m really keen on Kings Gift too, and think he could win a nice pot this term

    Not really looked at the jumpers much, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on Sutton Manor & Aspen Colorado at Gowran. Got targets in mind for that pair.

    Windsor Castle
    Jungle Inthebungle, Von Beethoven
    Queen Alexandra
    Pallasator, Tempestatefloresco
    50p Reverse Exactas

    Foolaad, Ice Age, Growl
    50p Combo Exactas, Trifectas


    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Had to leave it till the last kick of the ball, but Pallasator really dug me out in the last, and he was a very welcome winner.

    More than wiped out my stakes on The Wokingham, and made a huge difference to my week, as did Nate The Great, who ran a screamer.

    After that ride from Crowley on Beat The Bank, it was Queally’s turn to balls it up, and the ride on The Tin Man was desperate. Two winners that got away for sure there. No such excuses needed for my pair in The Wokingham, while Jungle Inthebungle ran nothing like I expected, but I’m just glad to have got one back in the winners enclosure, and felt a definite corner turned by close of play on Saturday.

    Still, another losing Royal Ascot for me, but very happy with my limited bets, and Hors De Combat & Pallasator made a massive difference. Would have been ahead if I had just tweaked my stakes on my main two races, The Wokingham, and The Hunt Cup. Wokingham used to be my best Flat Race, but seems a long time since I turned a profit on it, and maybe need to step back, but The Hunt Cup continues to be a decent race for me, and maybe I should concentrate on that.

    Betting aside, a far from vintage Royal Ascot, definitely short of real star quality, but I still enjoyed it, and still a few noteworthy types kicking about, and definitely a few I took out of it. Hopefully a few of them can trap at Glorious Goodwood, or The Ebor Meeting.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    2030 Kilbeggan
    Cecil Corbett, Baily Moon NON RUNNER, Draycott Place
    50p Reverse Forecast


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    That’s a nice race tonight with some decent horses in. I have gone for Conrad. Pity Baily Moon is NR or I would have taken the nice EW price on him. Cecil Corbett should do well for you as course similar to Downpatrick. Any thoughts on the handicap hurdle at 7.30? I am worse at picking winners over hurdles than fences so have left it alone.

    Good luck with NG5, I like that it starts now cos you are my summer jumps buddy!! Hope we can spot some nice horses for Galway over the next few weeks :good:

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    GAG, you’d imagine Plinth would be a danger to all in the hurdle!

    I am with you on Conrad Hastings, hopefully he can show up well on the ground…2 PU efforts would temper enthusiasm slightly…

    Really want to take on Ravenhill in the Novice Hurdle he was lucky to win LTO at Downpatrick, i’ve missed the fancier prices on Mcloughlins horse but i reckon he’s the one to go with.

    Twitter: Jackh1092
    Hindsight is 20/20 so make the most of it!

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    I like Plinth as well Jack, and this is his type of prize. I’ll sit it out, but if playing, I would veer towards Flavianna.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Thanks Grass, hopefully we can dig out some nice prices which we managed last summer.

    The drift on Cecil is a worry, and I’m 50-50 on him. Was going to sit it out, but a win only on him, and a smaller ew on Draycott Place might do. As I said, sitting out the Hurdle at 1930, but a nice race definitely.

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    Hope you ended up putting something on Draycott Place VTC!

    Conrad Hastings ran a much better race this time around…He’s probably one to keep onside of over the summer…

    Twitter: Jackh1092
    Hindsight is 20/20 so make the most of it!

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    good luck VTC

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    As VTC will be aware I have been waiting a while for Conrad Hastings. Everything looked to be set up yesterday – jockey, course, distance and ground.

    He was undoubtedly the gamble of the race, possibly the day. I could have taken 16/1 (albeit reduced stake) but decided to be cautious and took four places at 12/1.

    For most of the race everything looked to be going well but he wasn’t fluent at the second last on the first circuit and he repeated the dose on the final circuit. He wasn’t great at the last either but by then the game was up.

    The winner was obviously helped by the rail and I think he wanted it more. In hindsight Russell may have wished he had gone on (possibly gained the rail) when the leader slowed it down?

    Sometimes you only get one chance at the big price and I fear yesterday was that day. I would be wary of him going forward at much shorter prices.

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