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Nicky Henderson and his fairy tales

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    Yes he was. And the perception was that Henderson was treated very leniently. I think he was banned from making entries for about two months as well, which just happened to coincide with summer jumping when he would not have been making many entries anyway.

    Henderson is in some ways an old school trainer. Punters are clearly not his main concern.

    On the subject of trainers being sponsored by bookmakers, I thought Dan Skelton got a bit defensive on Luck on Sunday when Dave Yates said he did not like it. He patronisingly said that people need to be educated.

    I do not need educating. It does not look right when a trainer is being paid by a bookmaker. Perception is important and the perception is that Ladbrokes are not paying Skelton just to say “Horse A is a nice horse who is working nicely and I expect him to run a nice race.”

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    green – I’m not so sure it can be that bad re his withers, as the BHA vet was sent to 7B last week during Peak Kerfuffle and stated that the horse was fit to run. Surely that would not have been the case if he had this condition

    Good point. I had sort of forgotten about the BHA vet. Withers just seems an odd place for an abscess. Wee bit of a saddle sore on the skin surface maybe…but “abscess” suggests below skin surface. And there’s not much between the skin and the bursa IIRC.

    G2 Game Spirit… But what if something else turns up entered in that? Trainers are no longer going to be thinking, ‘Oh not to bother, Altior’s in that’.
    100% agree…he used to be like peak Tiger Woods – even though people say “Can’t be afraid of one horse”, really they used to believe they were realistically running for 2nd place. No more.

    horse I keep thinking of as an obvious parallel is, of course, Nijinsky
    Or Flyingbolt. I think it’s physical not mental…so far anyway. Altior finished the Captain Christy really tired, I don’t think he folded mentally I think he was really giving what he could at the finish. Although of course as you suggest, if a horse is going fairly deep into the well and still loses, maybe that does have a psychological impact.

    Fully prepared to eat my words if he turns up in the QMCC and smashes the opposition into the hill.

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    Since it got a mention, here’s the Moonlit Path saga as detailed on TRF at the time:

    Henderson banned for 3 months

    All Jeff
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    I found the whole sorry episode to have left a bad taste in the mouth. I had to ditch a Facebook group I was in, as most people were defending him to the hilt, and they were getting angry at the mere suggestion that there was something wrong in the yard. They’re clearly is something wrong, and it’s actually a relief to see no defense of the yard in here.

    I’ve always been a fan of Dan Skelton, but his attitude was very poor at best, and it’s him who needs educating. He was still spouting off about it yesterday, and it’s put him in a very poor light as well.

    All Jeff
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    I think I should probably add that I’m not talking out of my pocket, as I have no money invested in any of the races which were affected.

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