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    Red Rum 77
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    JANUARY 29th 2022


    1 Anyone can enter, just put your selections down on this thread. You can change your mind as often as you like but don’t edit your previous post just put in a new one. I’ll only consider your current instructions. You have up to race time to do this.

    2 You must have a win selection and an each way selection. They must be different horses and I’ll calculate them according to your instructions. You may have as many or few reserves as you like. These reserves only count if any of your main runners fail to run. Even if they down at start and do a KING’S JOHN CASTLE on you.
    That’s refuse to race. I’ll only calculate your actual runners, and your substitute will only be used the way you’ve written them.

    3 This competition will last until 23rd April (Whitbread day so that’s 26 weeks).

    4 I may occasionally go for an Irish race. I will be looking for the best alternative race at another venue just in case the weather intervenes. (If all weather racing is on, then it may be this). Sorry to those who don’t like AW but as I’m putting the race up midweek I’ve no idea on how the weather will behave on Saturday. If both races are cancelled then the will be no race for that week.

    5 You only need to partake in 16 weeks minimum to qualify for a prize. Should you have less than 16 weeks I’ll still keep check on score but it’ll just be placed in a sub list and you won’t qualify for any prize.

    6 Prize money. I’m upping the prize to £50 for the winner, £35 for the runner up, £15 for the third. £10 for the best forecast. If more than one is tied for best forecast then I’ll take the straight way over the reserve way. Still trouble in splitting then those in the earliest week. So for example TFK get £704.25 in week 6 and Nathan equals it in week 7. Then the prize goes to TFK however should both pick the winning forecast in the same week then I’ll split that prize.

    7. I’m upping the stakes to £50 win, £25 EW and £1 C.S.F. (reverse) meaning each selections are £102 if both horses run. Or £50 if only 1 ran. All you need to do is state WIN or EACH WAY. It’s still a quarter the odds for a place.

    A few people got confused over the scoring so for transparency I’ll give an example.

    Win – Johnny Drama 22/1

    EW – Cockalorum 40/1
    Johnny Drama would return £1,150 Cockalorum would return £275 and the forecast returns £704.53
    This can be workout by going to the site

    I workout the profit by adding all payouts so in this case the payout is £2,129.53 subtract the cost £102 which leaves £2,027.53 as profit.
    If only one of your horses ran then I would deduct 50 from your previous score before adding any winnings.*

    8 Places will be the equivalent to Bookmakers standards for up to 20 runners;
    that 2 for 5 to 7;
    3 for 8 to 15;
    4 for 16 to 20.
    However for races with 21 to 24 I’m going 5 places, 25 to 28 6 places : anything above that 7 places.
    Should something refuse to race and reduces the number of places because of it, I’ll will still count the extra place. So if 25 horses line up but one refuses then I’ll still treat it like a 25 horse race. If however it doesn’t even make the line up then the places does go down to the lower limit.

    Leaderboard after fourteenth week.

    1 WYLDESYDE +1449.00 (#1)
    2 DFWARD +592.75 (#1)
    3 MICHAEL WALSH +374.00
    4 SEA PIDGEON +272.88 (#2)
    5 BOB ROLF +260.45
    6 GREENASGRASS +115.75
    7 RAYMO61 +80.11 (#1)
    8 NATHAN HUGHES +24.18
    9 THE KRYPTON FACTOR -127.27 (#2)
    10 MINCAMUS -258.50 (#10 limit reached)
    11 EP 1987 -328.75 (#9)
    12 MIDDLE OF MARCH -343.00 (#4)
    13 ROBNORTH -344.75
    14 EUROALIEN -351.00
    15 QUELLE FARCE -415.75 (#3)
    16 VENTURE TO COGNAC -439.87
    17 YAHOO -450.05 (#1)
    18 RED RUM 77 -553.00
    19 JOHN GOOCH -590.49
    20 TRIPTYCH -752.38
    21 BIG G -957.17
    22 STEVE75 -1151.00 (#1)

    Best forecast 88.49 THE KRYPTON FACTOR & RAYMO61 (Week 1) (reversed way)

    This week’s race Weather permitting is SKY BET HANDICAP CHASE (DONCASTER 3.20)

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    Win Fusil Raffles
    EW Storm Control
    Res Hurricane Harvey

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    Win – Hill Sixteen
    Each-Way – Rocco

    Reserve – Nuts Well

    Quelle Farce
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    I can’t believe I’m tipping this to win, but here we are.

    Win – Fusil Raffles
    EW – Debece
    Res – Storm Control

    Nathan Hughes
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    Win – Midnight Shadow
    EW – Grand Sancy
    Sub – Fusil Raffles

    Member since March 2008
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    Win.. Cap Du Nord (Kapcorse)
    EW.. Windsor Avenue (Storm Control)

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    Canelo (win)
    Rocco (Each way)

    Michael Walsh
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    3:20 Doncaster Storm Control Win
    Hill Sixteen E/W

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    Fusil Raffles .. Win
    Storm Control .. EW

    Grand Sancy

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Hurricane Harvey – Win (Debece)

    Midnight Shadow – E/Way (Grand Sancy)

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    Midnight Shadow
    Nuts Well

    bob rolf
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    win – demachine
    ew – cap du nord

    res – storm control

    sea pidgeon
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    Storm Control. win
    Janika Place

    Fusil Raffles

    John Gooch
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    Win Selection: Demachine

    Each Way Selection: Debece

    Reserve Selection: Fusil Raffles

    Many Thanks :good:

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    Cloudy Glen (Win) / Kapcorse
    Cap Du Nord (E/W) / Fusil Raffles


    Red Rum 77
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    Win : Hill Sixteen (Storm Control)

    EW : Debece (Fusil Raffles)

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    Win – Fusil Raffles

    Each way – Janika

    Reserve – Debece

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