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    Anybody got this system?

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    Hi Lohnro

    Never heard of it, whats it based on?


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    It is based on some type of formula for a staking plan.

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    Hi Lohnro,

    Doesn’t ring any bells with me, either.

    It could be some percentage of bank formula which includes fixed percentages (usually about 5%) or a variable rate depending on the difference between your tissue price and the available odds. This variable method is often applied using the KELLY Criteria, which is a mathematical formula. Maybe this is the formula you have heard about.

    dave jay
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    Hi, it involves using a thing called ‘The Diabolical Staking Plan’ .. from what I have heard. I read a few reviews and it involves rolling up accumulators on very short priced events .. theres a bloke doing this on the Betfair forum atm. I read that this needs an 80% strike rate to work and you will draw a profit after 4 consequetive winners ..  it wouldn’t be too difficult to work out something like that for yourself if you’ve got a mind for it.

    Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything like this because you usually end up with something that isn’t worth having !


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    Thanks fellas, I may look else where for the red herring!

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    I have this system/book, someone gave it to me a few years ago. :biggrin:

    Dave is right, it revolves around ‘The Diabolical Staking Plan’.

    I have never been sure where the mathematical formula bit fits in.

    It involves finding as near as possible dead cert selections, then backing them for a place in a series of rolling accumulators. as each leg wins you take out a proportion of your profits so should the acca fail at some point you may have recovered your stake or even made a profit.

    It looks good on paper because the author uses odds of 1/1 for the examples and of course the profits pile up, but in reality apparently nailed on selections will be nearer 1/5 or shorter for the place.

    Like all systems if you can’t find any winners you won’t make any money so I never really bothered with it, until last year when my interest was rekindled after seeing an advert for it on eBay.

    There is a selection method in the book that seems too simple for words but I gave it a go and managed to get ten horses placed and got the acca up. I did not do the rolling up aspect as the record keeping gets a bit complicated and the acca took two weeks to complete. As seven of the ten won I might have been better off backing them for a win. :( <br>

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