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    Se Mo Laoch and Prime Venture for me here, both to win, no each way today.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Got to have a saver here on De Rasher Counter

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    Could pick the winner a long way out

    Wd any backers

    Glad I kept my money in my pocket as Christmas in April was pulled up, gotta be swerving every tizzard horse until he has a few winners

    He Didnt Like Ground
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    Got the winner and £49.32 forecast so
    im a happy boy , I starting to think lostintranslation ran a monster yesterday for a yard with some kind of virus in it

    Cork All Star
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    I enjoyed that with the first and third! Unusual for me because long distance chases on heavy ground are not usually my kind of race at all.

    Disappointed to see De Rasher Counter here. Ladbroke Trophy winners ought to be emerging as possible contenders for the Gold Cup, not slogging through heavy ground at Uttoxeter the day after.

    peter .hpeter .h
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    A result of the unfortunate decline in the prestige of the once great race, Cork. The public perception of the former Hennessy has fallen off a cliff only two years into it’s new sponsorship and I think it’s an awful shame. It’s a sad combination of the racing community drilling into everyone’s head that only Cheltenham matters while also turning it’s back on other historic races simply because it has a new name. :negative:

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    I used to love going to the Midlands National but Uttoxeter are overpriced for putting on rather substandard racing these days. Far better to go to Kelso for the day; great crowd/atmosphere/racing and good value for money.

    Quelle FarceQuelle Farce
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    I came here to post what Cork said. While the Cotswold Chase showed that De Rasher Counter was not going to be Gold Cup standard, something like the Whitbread or that 3m handicap on National day would have been a much better target.

    Putting De Rasher in this would have been churlish even in soft ground, but on Uttoxeter heavy? I doubt the horse will be winning or even coming close again anywhere.

    Cork All Star
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    Agree QF. I really do not want to sound like I am having a go at Emma Lavelle. I like her as a trainer and as a person and I thought she showed a lot of class and dignity after the disappointment of Paisley Park, although the horse clearly had a legitimate excuse.

    However, I do not understand her thinking in running De Rasher Counter here. After watching him win the Ladbroke, how many people thought “You know what that horse needs? To step up in distance by a mile with a huge weight on heavy ground”.

    I think the commentator said no horse had carried such a weight to win the race since Bonanza Boy in 1991. It just did not look like the right race and it was no surprise he struggled.

    I hope it has not left a mark. I am still a bit haunted by seeing Blaklion crawl over the last at Haydock one day under a similar big weight on heavy ground and was never the same again. At least Rasher was pulled up before that happened.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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