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    I’m sure I am not alone on this forum as a mental health sufferer, and I wonder how people find their love of horses and or betting on their mental health? Some people may remember me writing for the forum or from old posts, if you do then you will have noticed my long absence from the forum. I had a major breakdown and eventually ended up in a mental health unit before being diagnosed bi polar, so during the last 4 years I have had a long sabbatical from the game while I sort myself out. Since enjoying the sport again in the last few months, I have come to approach my betting very differently, I can become stressed all to easy and don’t cope well with a lot of stress, I put a lot of time into my racing but I am mindful now to put it down and walk away taking days off when I need to recharge. It’s a funny balance, the racing, studying it, researching and watching is always therapeutic for me, but it is the betting that can become stressful, so I have to manage it. I am still (in my eyes :yahoo: ) relatively young at 33, so going forward I need a balance to keep stress low and find my enjoyment of the game. One thing I would like to do when racing is back, is visit more tracks and enjoy the race day side of the game more, instead of just becoming a number cruncher sat behind a screen!

    Well there is me, I’m stable now after a long 4 or 5 years of battling, multiple admissions to a unit, psychiatry and getting the right combination of medicine, and I look forward to getting the enjoyment I love about horse racing :good:


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    Glad to read you are doing well tb
    My Mental Health is normal pretty solid, not a lot phases me although I’m feeling it a bit at the moment.
    Not being able to do my job at the moment due to my immune system when I’m needed more than normal makes me feel guilty and a tad useless. Also a big Liverpool fan waiting for the title for 30 years only for this to come around is terrible timing… :rose:

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    What a can of worms you may have opened tb and in your own situation perhaps a nice can of worms with a happy ending.

    I have only flirted with depression and have not enjoyed the experience and my poor wife has become a jigsaw junkie which keeps her mind off what stresses her most, not unlike your own form study etc.

    I found Laying stressful and could not find the same pleasure I get from betting but I am lucky insomuch as my stakes are so small winning or losing changes my life little but that does not mean it is of less importance to me, I enjoy the moral victories, each and every one without the highs or lows.

    I hope you have found your way as only you can. I hated these places when members took the high ground and it felt as if they enjoyed telling me my betting style was wrong but it was not wrong it simply was my way of doing things and has at last worked out for me as I again say I hope you can keep doing it your way and get to as many meetings as you can and enjoy them

    Take care


    :good: :good: :good:

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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