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    another fine horse has died today at uttoxeter nil desperandum thought he deserved a mention:( 🙁  

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    Shame he ran brilliantly last time out when winning – he would have been a major contender in the national aswell. RIP

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    A devastating loss, don’t know what happened except he pulled up very quickly.

    I really think it would have had a great chance in the National too, condolences to connections and RIP Nil Desperandum, desperate news.

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    I followed him for years. Great character. Seemed to have rekindled his enthusiasm with Venetia, tragic end, RIP old friend

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    you know what i think really sucks. all these horse that unfotunately pass away, and other than those of us who care online, no one gives them a mention or a second thought. All the racing post writes, is fell, pulled up… dead. Surely there is a nicer way of acknowledging their passing. Nil Desperandum, i always liked that horse, just as i did alessandro severo, who died last year and never got a second mention. 🙁

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    can i also say, he was pulled up as he shattered a pastern on landing at the 8th fence, he jumped the fence fine, it was an unfortunate landing.

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    I harboured long cherished hopes that Nil Desperandum might win a Grand National one day. Sadly not to be.


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    I was so looking forward to seeing him in the National. He had an outstanding chance. Such a sad end.

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    Goes along with Blowing Wind (and Clan Royal provisionally) for me as one of the greatest National Horses never to actually win it. He was a brave thing and will be sadly missed, especially at Aintree in 3/4 weeks time.

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    Died a few months back but i think he deserves gratitude for what he has done. He Pulled up at Uttoxeter with a suspected broken leg unfortunately had to be put down.

    my comiserations to the owner and may he rest in peace.<br>After great performences against the lights of Beef or Salmon and Hedgehunter in the Grand National finishing 4th

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    rip he was ace

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    would have been at Uttoxeter that day, but had gone to Northumberland and was watching the race on the telly. I’m so glad I wasn’t there, he’d been one of my favourites for a long time. He was descended from the Vulgan bloodline which took me back to my childhood….never understand why some horses just capture your heart and others don’t. It’s always mixed emotions when they retire, relief that they’re still in one piece but sadness never to see them on the racetrack again mo

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