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    Only the bleeding-heart Liberals could expect the electorate to have confidence in a political leader with as serious drink problem !

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    He’s finished.

    If he wants the best for his party, he should have gone when he accepted he had a problem.

    Medical problem my hairy hole !!!!!!


    "Medical" means that it’s got something to do with medicine.

    Unless he’s started necking super-strength benylin to get his jollies, I don’t see where the medicine comes into it…


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    Certain conditions are not to be regarded as impairments for the purposes of the Disability Discrimination Act, and among them are addiction to or dependency on alcohol (or indeed nicotine, or any other substance (other than in consequence of the substance being medically prescribed).

    The issue though seems as much his lying about it as his actual drinking.

    He’s certainly not making it easy for his colleagues – doesn’t he know that in British politics today you have to be in the Labour party to get away with lying?

    Then again, his party is about breaking the mould of British politics….

    best regards


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    Another famous Kennedy had an addiction in the trouser department – this one loves sucking on a glass breast substitute.

    Notice the pattern ?<br>I blame their unlucky genes and the mother who used to take them to bed with a candle.

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    I agree with gambers-stay,for me.I quite like a drink myself.:cool:

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    It looks like Kennedy wants others to be responsible for his departure rather than he himself.

    Anybody got thoughts on his successor. Campbell is clear favourite and may be the best candidate but looks a little too old. Why is Simon Hughes not more popular? Is there a dark horse out there ? … t=19089999

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    Hard to disagree with much of the discussion about Kennedy’s successor. As a lifelong LibDem voter I reckon Ming Campbell would definitely represent the safest pair of hands, by dint of being both experienced at senior level and at the same time comparatively high-profile as non-leaders of third-placed parties go.

    There could be an irony, however, real or imagined, that the party supposedly most synonymous with thrusting, radical centrist politics at present would then have a leader far older than those of either of the two dinosaur parties against which it is rallying, but there you go. Not a problem for me, but maybe for the more fickle out there.

    T.V. is the stomping ground for political candidates<br>Where bears in the woods are chased by Grecian Formula’d bald eagles…<br>…where straight teeth in your mouth are more important<br>than the words that come out of it

    – Michael Franti, 1989

    <br>I suppose the only other LibDemmer with nearly as much media profile / savvy as Ming would be Lembit Opik, but whilst he has the (relative) exuberance of youth on his side, his predilicition for doing silly things on telly, and his reasonably high-profile marriage to Sian Lloyd, means that there are already two angles from which any suitably enterprising tabloid could attack him.


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