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    the welsh wizard
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    Since I joined this site I have been impressed by it’s independence of thought and expression – the Forum is in thrall to nobody. However it now appears that the site is prepared to cosy up to Betfair, for the sake of a £25 prize every fortnight? If the site needs an injection of funds to maintain it’s integrity, then may I suggest a whip round of members/regular contributors in order to raise said amount?
    I don’t object to Betfair per se but fear this may be the thin end of an unsavoury wedge.

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    I agree with you TWW. The independence of TRF is paramount to success and external commercial links add nothing to the experience. I would rather pay an annual subscription to the upkeep of the site than have banner advertising and promotions.

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    Come along now.

    I see no harm in Betfair or anyone else having banners on here if it helps the forum financially ~ and Betfair would be a particularly unfair target for criticism. They allow criticism of their own site on their forum, so I hardly think that them having a banner on here is going to have any relevence to this forum’s independence.

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    Totally agree with TDK

    Silly to get too precious about these things

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    How is the site going to "cozy up to betfair" then?

    sporting sam
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    I`d have gone for £25 a day myself :D .
    But explain this to me, someone (probably Corm) does something beneficial for the forum and its members then someone comes on and moans about it……
    If you look at the top of trf theres an add for oddschecker offering free bets.
    This is a horsey forum with quite a leaning towards betting.
    I dont see the problem nor do I see it affecting TRF independance.
    I look forward to Bet £3.65 raising the bar.

    dave jay
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    People work to keep the forum going for free .. it’s a completely different matter when you ask people to dip into their pockets as being a part of the membership.

    I would like to see a place where you could make a donation to the running of the site on the main page.

    From a personal point of view, I don’t see the banners when I come on the site. Also I wouldn’t be prepared to pay an anual fee .. I don’t think it’s what forms should be about.

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    Competitions have been running for ages with various sponsors. It’s not like BF will be on here moderating or that anyone really gives a monkeys about who the sponsor is. This is a cracking forum and cormack has managed to keep its integrity intact whilst still moving it forward.

    No easy task with such a fickle bunch in situ :) :roll:

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    I agree with davejay. No way would I pay, infact I honestly think I should charge for some of my posts. :lol:

    Better stick a similey in there as I note that sarcasm is lost on some people.

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    Do you still get the prize if you win and slag Betfair off in the prize claiming thread?

    non vintage
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    If you don’t want to click on the links or adverts, don’t – no problems. But the site has to be funded somewhere along the line, and a few adverts or sponsored competitions are surely a small price to (not) pay.


    dave jay
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    My sentiments entirely NV.

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    I dunno – we can’t even give away cash for nowt without someone looking for the catch! (Sorry WW, only kidding – I do appreciate your concerns).

    Generally people enjoy the competitions and the only way to realistically provide prizes is to find sponsors who are prepared to offer moderate prizes in return for some publicity/advertising. Betfair have been very generous in that regard, as have Betfred and several others. However, the forum will not be ‘cozying up’ to anybody and neither would it be of any benefit for us to do so.

    Our intention to develop the sponsorship/advertising side of things, including our relationship with advertisers, to ensure that the forum continues to a) survive, b) develop and c) offer members extra ‘value’, whether that be by way of competition prizes or by way of extra resources allowing us to develop the forum in new and hopefully interesting ways.

    I’d been thinking for some time about offering a weekly ‘prize’ of this nature for regular posters to the forum. Surely harmless enough stuff I would have thought.

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    Surely harmless enough stuff I would have thought.

    This is precisely how Nazi Germany started.


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    I really enjoy this forum. However, I would be reluctant to pay a sub. If what is happening at the moment carries on and doesn’t get out of control. I’m happy :D

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