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    There is no such thing as ‘Buying Money’

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    On my early evening stroll last night I thought if Kauto Star is 1/2 or less he starts to look like a cracking good bet. At 4/6 it seems too good to be true.

    agree totally 1/2 or 2/5 was my prediction so took 8/11 last night and could of got 4/5 this morning.
    stands up it wins

    Young MickYoung Mick
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    nipped into paddy’s this morning when it opened to get 8/11..

    i think it is a bet and a half, I said if he lost at cheltenham i would eat my hat, but it left me unsatisfied as i was sure something was amiss so i still have faith in the greatest horse of the 21st century today.. today is the acid test..

    and 8/11 is a cracking bet really…


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    Maybe Kauto will win by 20 lengths but that horse had a very hard race at Cheltenham which I posted in my Totesport Bowl thread that no one has replied to (thanks lol), and if he’s 100% sharp today Paul Nicholls has done a remarkable job.

    Under todays conditions Exotic Dancer isn’t far short of him at his peak – this just might be his day.

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    I’ve changed my mind on this. I thought both Exotic Dancer and Kauto Star had hard races in the Gold Cup and I’m not sure 3 months is sufficient time to get over it. Our Vic is upped in trip again and I still have nagging doubts that he’s best fresh and think he may to do too much in blinkers over this trip. I’ve backed Monet’s Garden in a match against Exotic Dancer and will also back him to win the race at around 15/2. Evrything we know about him says he can’t win if the others run to their best but I think there’s a good possibility he’ll be the only one to give his running.

    One Man
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    Ive lumped on Kauto Star 4/5 is a great price 8)

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Better price than me you swine :wink: :lol:

    I would love to thenk Kauto has bounced back and is bang in form but the simple fact of the matter he could be over the top and all the signs are there.

    Hands up those of you who thought he would win with his head in his chest at Ascot?

    After Kempton I thought he would and he never.

    He’s had the hadrest race of his life at Cheltenham, Ruby said he may have left his race at Ascot and he’s hardly the worst judge in the world.

    The top and botoom of it is that is why we are getting the price we are.

    Make no mistake if it wasn’t for the Order of Merit he wouldn’t be here.

    Howver he is and he is one tough horse if he’s had sufficient rest and is 95% right he should still win this.

    Don’t forget Exotic Dancer was on a tight schedule to make the Gold Cup. Jonjo had a choice don’t run him or let him take his chance and get the benifit of a run. He will probaly be in better condition than anything else in the race today and if he is ever going to beat Kauto it will be today.

    Nicky Richards said he was worried about Monet Graden getting the trip with Old Vic sure to do a min Denman his worries could be well founded.

    There’s some other horse in the race out to say hello to the people.

    Bookies don’t give you prices like this for nothing guys………we better all be keeping our fingers crossed they are wrong and he isn’t over the top…..The worst thing about it is a horse can seem perfectly fine at home as it normally doesn’t raise it’s ugly head until they race….So Pn can say what he wants the proof will be in the race.

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    Buying money? Nope, Our Vic wins it. What a battle that was.

    Exotic Dancer disappointing.

    Gazs Way De SolzenGazs Way De Solzen
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    Dont know what to say really.

    If he had jumped the 2nd last properly, then i think he would have won.

    Jumping is the name of the game though.

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    While it’s entirely possible that his Cheltenham exertions have taken their toll, why was Kauto Star ridden so aggressively today? He’s a horse who travels and does his opponents for speed; his Cheltenham run showed that a slog isn’t what he wants. Surely he would have won if ridden more patiently?

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    What the hell was ruby doing there? I had a little forecast for interest Kauto to beat Our Vic, and was winning everywhere but the line.

    The question now is have we seen the best of Kauto Star?

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    Poor, poor ride. Didn’t play to horses strengths.

    Delighted for Our Vic though. Great season for him .. 2nd King George, Winning the Ryanair and Aintree Bowl. And a horse who took on others at less than ideal conditions .. Denman connections take note.

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    Some serious pocket speak on this thread.

    The second last caught him out, terrible jump which stopped him dead, he couldn’t put one leg in front of the other after that. Stamina wasn’t the issue, although the lack of his usual sparkle throughout suggests he perhaps didn’t come out of the Gold Cup as well as connections thought.

    And I’ve just had an idea for a summer blockbuster:

    "David Pipe & the Magic Blinkers" :wink:

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    Again, the intelligence level of this forum shows it’s head.

    You can’t make a comment on a poor ride without it being a case of talking through your pocket?

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    Was tempted to play devils advocate and defend the ride but it’s difficult to. Bizarre to push on like he did with a circuit to go.

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