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    Sad I know, but can be profitable. I know of a few shrewdies in TRF that normally clean up by betting in this type of stuff.

    Please cast your winner’s votes, and post any views.

    I’m on Anthony @ 8’s and Linda @ 4’s :crossfingers:

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    I’ll be bloody surprised if Phil Tuffers doesn’t win.

    Odd how every celebrity has come out and said he’ll win. Anyone else thinking the word "fix"? Not that I’m insinuating owt, of course. :biggrin:

    Everyone on the outside seems to think he’s a good bloke and if he gets beat I’ll be really surprised.

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    My favourite bit has been TPT’s antics on ITV2, she rocks! :biggrin:

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    I’m beginning to give up hope of Phil being beaten (though he is struggling of late).

    Unless Linda can turn it round, I’m stuck!

    Thankfully the eviction markets have been kinder.  I still think these ‘reality shows’ are some of the best betting opportunities imaginable.

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    I have to agree regarding reality shows.

    BB3 was my best punting/laying/arbing event ever (that was until the Ireland manager market appeared:biggrin: ) and am hopeful for BB4.

    Sad as it sounds, I think its like most things, you have to put the hard work in to get an edge over the bookies or other punters and that involves getting info from wherever you can (tv/papers/chat rooms/polls etc), but most importantly having your own views.

    I’ve tried to do the same with "I’m a Celebrity", but just can’t stand the programme!!

    Haven’t got a clue who is going to win, but wouldn’t want to back Tuffers at 4/6.  

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    I agree totally with Tooting as I’ve made more on BB and Pop Idol in 3 nights than I have in 3 flat seasons. Luckily most people turn their nose up on these events but there is serious money to be made if you can predict personality traits. I’m on Phil at 7/2 and am happy although I squandered a little on the Wirrel half way through as I thought he may have been more popular, I think Linda would be a worthy favorite but a woman can’t win surely (said the same about BB) as the voting public are female.

    Just hope Fash hasn’t got a cult following like Blackburn last year!

    Good luck!!!

    Come on Phil!!!!

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    GO LINDA GO!!! :armbounce:

    BB4 only a couple of weeks away folks! :shocking:

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