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June 3rd

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    Happy JackHappy Jack
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    On June 3rd it will be one year to the day since our dear friend Craig (Daylight) tragically passed away.

    If it wasn’t for Craig, this forum would not be where it is today, still far and away the best racing forum on the net.

    For many of us he was more than just a username on an internet forum, he was a very special friend and I am sure I am not the only one who misses him as much now as I did twelve months ago.

    I will be taking a few moments tomorrow to think about Craig, as well as Debs and Luke who hopefully are being strong throughout this very emotional time, and I am sure many others will be doing the same.

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    (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) loosing a loved one is hard, equine or human.<br>Lets all raise a glass to celebrate his life, i don’t think he would want his family and friends to be unhappy…

    To Craig your memory lives on and it will do forever

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    Best wishes to all.

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    Well said Happy Jack; I’ll be thinking of Craig.

    Grey Desire
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    Just like to echo HJ’s sentiments.<br>I’ll certainly be thinking of Craig and the family.

    Jim JTSJim JTS
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    Nice one HJ, :crying:

    <br>I don’t get to meet many people from this forum but the day I met Craig at Hamilton races will live with me forever and I’m glad I got the chance to meet him when I did, we kept in touch via the messenger on the forum and in emails and I still miss him terribly. :crying:

    My thoughts will be with Debs and Luke today.

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    Nice of you to bring this to everyone’s attention, HJ, and I would like to extend my thoughts and sympathies to Craig’s family at such a difficult time.

    I had been away from the forum for a while, and didn’t know of Daylight’s passing until some time afterwards, but it came as a huge shock nonetheless. It had never been my privilege to meet with TRFs founder, a visionary I’m sure you’ll all agree, but from what I’ve heard he was a true gentleman and a great friend.

    The loss is all ours.

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    This thread is quite strange for me, as I was just this morning thinking of Daylight’s passing away.

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    Can’t believe a year has passed so quickly since Smithy brought this awful news to my attention.

    Hope Craig’s family have been able to move on from such a difficult time.

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    I’m pleased that someone has been thoughtful enough to remember the passing of Daylight.

    We sometimes forget that behind the names and pseudonyms on the forum, there are real people who besides sharing a common interest, have families and friends and care a lot about others.

    I’m sure Craig will be long remembered on the forum.

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    Thanks HJ. Lets all think of Craig and his family and remember the nice times, especially with the syndicate.

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    Although I joined the forum after Daylights sad passing my thoughts will be with his family today.

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    I thought of Daylight yesterday because Derby Day will he will always be linked with him for me.

    My thoughts go out to Debs and Luke today.

    non vintagenon vintage
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    A moment for quiet reflection indeed. My thoughts are with Craig’s family.

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    Well said Happy Jack.

    I shall be thinking of Craig and his family today.

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