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    I see Maguire has become No 1 rider for Donald McCain. I may well be
    missing something but his riding rarely impresses me.

    From costing me a 14-1 winner on Cassia Heights ( btn a sh hd after dropping his whip) in the Forbra at Ludlow years ago through all those unseateds on Idle Talk, blundering his way round on rides at Kempton on Saturday, he`s one I`d sooner be against.

    Anyone have a more enlightened /less biased appraisal?

    Irish Stamp
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    Disappointing for Steve Craine who’s had plenty of success with Donald McCain in recent years. Not really got much of an opinion on Maguire other than I’m not certain Idle Talk’s jumping is all that so a bit harsh to blame him for the UR’s etc.

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    Good point Irish Stamp, particularly as 2 of the 5 unseats have come for different jockeys.

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    Stevie Craine is a cracking jockey what has happened to him?

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    Gone to ride for Heather Dalton.. 3 from 72 this season hmmmm

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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