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    A merger with a larger company has brought in new computer updates at my office and although we have a free internet access policy at lunch times, any sites relating to racing are now "Access Denied" which seems very unfair discrimination in my view when football, or many other sport related sites are still obtainable.  What do others think? Are there any racing related websites with no obvious reference to racing in their titles?

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    I had this problem some time ago, surf control would click in. I pointed out that the Racing Post is part of our free press and I was not happy with my Newspaper reading being interfered with in my lunchtime and had no more problems. Also Godolphin is run by someone who does not drink alcohol and has no gambling in his country as far as I know, access to that site was given back quite quickly. Try giving a winning tip to the IT management, that might help your cause !

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    There is a very easy solution to this.  PM me if you me if you want details.  Also useful if you are trying to access betting sites from the US.

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    Our company is the same. The only site I have found where I can check results etc. is good old Auntie Beeb.<br>Just Google BBC  sports.

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    we too have surf tracker.Try getting results on the settlers page in the sportinglife.comAlso the turftrax web site works 100 percent.

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