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Inside story of how UK’s big bookies really treat the vulnerable – Joe McNally

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    Joe McNally has written a very hard hitting report about the betting industry’s attitude to vulnerable gamblers. It includes fierce criticism of the feeble response of the regulatory bodies and their leadership. Currently a survey of remote operators is underway by the Gambling Commission (deadline 12.01.2021) in respect of stronger measures to protect vulnerable gamblers. Joe is plainly of the view that regulations to date have been limp and permissive.

    This is a follow-up to Joe’s earlier report on his first hand experiences of the tendering procedures operated for those who had a product which would rapidly enable vulnerable and problem gamblers to self isolate. You can find this below under another Topic heading here in The Lounge. The bookies manifestly failed to choose an efficient and fit-for-purpose product, preferring to use an unwieldy, cumbersome and user unfriendly system which would achieve the opposite of what it was intended to do.

    Joe has examined in detail the state of the industry’s response in exercising its responsibility for vulnerable gamblers. By the industry here, is included those external bodies which are supposed to regulate the big and the small bookies. Joe has concluded that the responses are shockingly inadequate. He believes that inappropriate, cosy and flawed relationships exist between the regulator and the bookies. He believes, too, that the industry is on a path to self-destruction, too intoxicated by sucking profits from the trough to care about the immorality of their lack of care for vulnerable gamblers or indeed their own oncoming Day of Reckoning.

    The very fact that the Gambling Commission is proposing that formal staff training for customer suicide prevention is seen by Joe McNally as a searing indictment of failure by all parties.

    As usual, Joe has set out his case clearly and in detail based on the facts and his lifetime’s experience in the gambling industry.

    Customer Suicide Prevention Training Proposed for Gambling Industry Staff

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