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    :cheesy:   I was wondering if there are any good horse racing magazines around that anybody knows of.  I go racing regularly and am a member of a racing club and wondered if there are any magazines around that are about  the horseracing world at all with interviews etc from trainers and jockeys and behind the scenes visits to yards?  Thanks for your help.

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    I always thought there was a niche in the market for a monthly horse racing magazine but it probably wouldn’t last long in this day and age. Inside Edge used to be pretty good with their coverage and I cancelled my subscription when it went ‘all poker’ as I imagine a lot of others did as well.

    If anyone else knows of any than yes I’d like to know too!

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    Try Racing Ahead.. <br><br&gt;

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    Yes, there are a few on here who would thoroughly recommend Racing Ahead!!!:biggrin: ;) :cool:


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    A popular monthly magazine is Pacemaker.   To compete with the RP it does favour breeding and statistics but has some really interesting interviews and lovely photos.

    I first bought Pacemaker in 1974 and it enthused me enough to spend a career in racing so it holds a special place in my heart.

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    There used to be a publication called Racing Review which I subscribed to in 1999/2000 but a couple of years after that it disappeared.

    I’ve yet to try Racing Ahead…

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    I remember one called ‘In the know’, I’m sure, but I’ve not seen it for a while now.. does anyone else remember it?

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    Quote: from seabird on 7:22 pm on April 13, 2007[br]Yes, there are a few on here who would thoroughly recommend Racing Ahead!!!:biggrin: ;) :cool:


    He he…too right Colin. Everybody go and buy Racing Ahead now! :-D

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    I subscribed to Racing Ahead for the first year. Got a bit annoyed when the March issue didn’t arrive until the Wednesday of Cheltenham and didn’t renew. They actually didn’t send me a notice that my subscription was up and I presumed the magazine had gone bust.

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    A friend of mine is attempting to set one up at the moment, firstly for a project for his final year of University but hopes to be able to publish it monthly if a one off is successful.  Just needs writers really.

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    Racing Ahead still has the odd ropey space-filler but is much improved of late. Simon Nott (who writes for the Weekender) has a stable interview with Stuart Kittow in the next edition, which is worth a read.

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    Racing Ahead is supposed to be available in the top 80 stores of TESCO’S

    the subscription is a lot cheaper

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