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    Brian F
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    I agree completely with Elderberry and Aidan.

    I only saw the race once as French TV aren’t interested in lingering on British and Irish Group Ones when there are the delights of some bloody trotting on which to concentrate but it seemed to me that Kinane was very easy on him.  As for "battling" – he went by Best of the Bests and was then caught out by Grandera’s late charge.  He didn’t have time to do very much in terms of battling and to repeat myself Kinane wasn’t exactly throwing the kitchen sink at him.

    Three defeats?  Sorry but in the Guineas he won "his" race and in the Derby he didn’t stay.  For me they are facts, not opinions.  That leaves Saturday’s race as the only one of the three open to debate.

    I would go further than Elderberry and say that he doesn’t really stay 10 furlongs at the best of times.  And Leopardstown is a galloping track with a really stiff uphill finish that brings stamina into play.  It’s to his credit that he managed to win a Group One over a distance beyond his best.  Back at a mile we should see the real Hawk Wing.

    Finally, how many horses have been crabbed and written off before in similar fashion to this fellow – only to prove themselves absolute world beaters when brought back to their proper racing distance? Of course, horses tend to make fools of us and maybe he is moody and reluctant to battle – but there is no evidence to back that up so far in his career.

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    What was the excuse this time.

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    Tony Morris wrote a very interesting article 11/6/02

    Wing may be a typical Woodman and fall short when it gets competitive

    Try this link<br>

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    Please please no more excuses now, the horse may be that fussy to want things to fall just right and if he needs a strong pace why let poor old Sholokhov go off so far in front????

    Hawk Wing is no Pegasus, what convincing does it take? But please can we see him next year as a 4yo as he is a scopey sort that might just need time, no matter how impressive a 2yo he was.

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    Once again, Hawk Wing seemed to be going best of all about 2 furlongs out, only to produce little when let down.

    Like many offspring of Woodman, Hawk Wing does appear to be a little soft, although there may be a physical reason for it – I suspect a breathing problem.

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    Might it be time to concede that Jamie Spencer didn’t ride such a bad race in the Guineas?

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    I don’t think young Mr Spencer was particularly criticised for his riding of Hawk Wing in the Guineas, the general feeling being that HW was unsuited by racing alone and on slower ground.  Strangely enough, I believe that those tactics probably brought out the best in him, and it’s hard now to imagine him going eyeball to eyeball with "The Rock" and coming out on top.

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