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    Apologies , if this has been reported on elsewhere and I have missed it.
    Russell doesn’t seem to be riding many of O’Leary’s horses at the moment.
    Has there been a split , and if so , does anyone know what the new riding arrangements are ?

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    Before this season, can not ever remember Robbie Power was ever riding for the O’Learys?

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    Article putting the whole thing into context from Kevin Blake here

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    I don’t know Power’s owner stats, but he’s had 60 rides for Elliott, the second of which was Silver Birch to win the 2007 National. Tizz would be wise to lock Power into his yard very soon

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    BTW what has happened to Brian Cooper? I saw he was riding occasionally for Paul Nolan, bu haven’t noticed him recently. A shame, he must be still quite young, and at his peak we was a fine jockey and a wonderful horseman

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    Russell rode a fine race to win the last at Fairyhouse yesterday, beating a Gigginstown horse in a driving finish. Would not blame him if he enjoyed that!

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    Cooper is injured at the moment Befair, i thought the same and asked the question of an irish chap who’s in the know and he let me know.

    Fair play to MOL, his reasoning makes sense to me. Blake’s article was great work also, thought Davy had ridden much more than he had last season especially.

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