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    Unbelievable news and my thoughts go out to his family, especially his young boys.

    I admired him greatly as a player and always had a lot of time for him as a man too.

    RIP and thanks for the memories.


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    Absolutely shocking news.

    A great professional and a thoroughly decent human being too.

    Whatever physical pain or emotional turmoil he was in I hope he is now at peace.

    My thoughts go to his family and friends.


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    Absolutely devastating news! Heard on the radio around dinner time and nearly crashed the car, my blood ran cold and shivers went all over my body.

    Reading reactions on twitter and seeing tributes on tv have made me shed more than a tear or two throughout the day.

    Being a passionate White from an early age I can remember clearly the days of paying me £6 to stand in the Lowfields at Elland Road and see a young Gary Speed doing his stuff as a dazzling young left winger…saw some fantastic views from behind of some screaming strikes…..was always one of my favourite players all the years he played.

    Went on to be a fantastic player for us and all other team he went on to play for and was doing a fantastic job for the Welsh national side…

    He was clearly a fantastic man aswell and it’s tragic to think that someone with apparently everything going so well and everything to live for felt so badly inside that he ended up taking his own life.

    May God be with your loved ones and may you rest in peace, a true legend! :cry:

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    Really really tragic. Fantastic footballer, really promising manager and seemingly a great bloke.

    So, so sad. He gave so much to football as a player and a manager and it was so shocking to hear of his death. Terrible to think of what a bad place he must have been in.


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    :cry: :cry: :cry:

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