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Friday 5th January

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    Jim JTSJim JTS
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    <br>Please keep all selections under said days heading whoever starts it, separate threads will be deleted!

    Deano H
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    Musselburgh<br>12.40 Gringo 1pt<br>1.10 Corbie Lynn 1pt<br>1.40 Double Deputy 1pt<br>2.10 St Pirran 0.5pts ew<br>2.40 Edgehill 0.5pts ew<br>3.10 Corrib Lad 1pt<br>3.40 —

    Newcastle<br>1.00 Annies Answer 1pt<br>1.30 Cloudy Lane 2pts<br>2.00 King Revo 1pt<br>2.30 Ever So Slightly 2pts<br>3.00 Stormy Beach 1pt<br>3.30 Alfabet Souk 1pt

    Wolverhampton<br>1.20 Tass Heal 0.5pts e/w<br>1.50 Cherry Fosfate 1pt<br>2.20 Qadar 1pt<br>2.50 Norwegian 1pt<br>3.20 Hattan 2pts<br>3.50 Writ 1pt<br>4.20 Gallas 1pt

    22 points staked.

    No so confident today, bit tricky, but I have Thursday’s winnings to play with so fingers cross and can relax a bit.

    Good Luck all.


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    Well done Deano with finding Grecian Groom Yesterday and good luck for today. :cool:

    Musselburgh.<br>12:40 GRINGO +7<br>13:10 CORBIE LYNN +2<br>13:40 POLAR GALE +2<br>14:10 MIGHTY FINE +2<br>14:40 TICKATEAL +1<br>15:10 WORLD VISION +2<br>Newcastle.<br>13:00 DIGITAL MEDIA +4<br>13:30 CLOUDY LANE +4<br>14:00 REGAL HEIGHTS +5<br>14:30 KEMPSKI +2<br>15:00 STORMY BEECH +1<br>15:30 ALFABET SOUK +1<br>Wolverhampton.<br>13:20 REMINISCENT +1<br>13:50 CHERRI FOSFATE +3<br>14:20 FIRST ORDER +2<br>14:50 SECOND REEF +1<br>15:20 AREYOUTALKINGTOME +2<br>15:50 CHICKEN SOUP +3<br>16:20 FOURSQUARE FLYER +7

    Thursday’s List gave 6 winners from 24 selections (1n.r), a strike rate of 26%.<br>Highest s.p: 5/2<br>Lowest s.p: 4/9<br>Profit/Loss: – 9.63

    January’s Stats.<br>31 winners from 93 selections (2n.r), a strike rate of 34%<br>Highest s.p: 7/1<br>Lowest s.p: 3/10<br>Overall Profit/Loss: + 11.86

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    I got Annie’s answer at a bit better than even money to place last night. I thought the forecast price of 7/1 from the RP was miles off the mark. Looks like it’s going to go off around 5/2-3/1

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