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Fakenham Going (Again)

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    Another fantasy going report at Fakenham again today. The Clerk there is at least consistent in usually calling it much better than it actually is or the RP standards (all of ’em) are bogus.

    I’ve measured the distances on Google Earth, they look correct.

    Any opinions?

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    I also hand timed the last race. My machine was a bit slow and wonkie. I made it at least 7 minute 32 seconds slow. Spot on distance wise with Google Earth tho’ – bit of a mystery that.

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    Last time I looked, there were no decent speed figures for anything at Fakenham this season.

    It must be a distance thing, but I’m surprised that Topspeed hasn’t raised this with the course (of course, they might have done)…

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    All a bit mysterious, especially as the course is so narrow as it is that the scope for pushing running rails in or out – with all the attendant mucking around of actual race distances that this can cause – is strictly limited.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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