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    Interesting to see Capello giving Rio Ferdinand the Captains Armband tonight, What are peoples thoughts? Is this going to be a permanent? Who should be Captain?

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    It’s not going to be permanent yet. I think the indication from the Capello camp has been that three or four candidates will be blooded over the course of the summer’s friendlies, before one successful player gets it on a lasting basis – a "Captain Idol", if you will. John Terry and possibly also Gareth Barry are likely to be passed the armband in the near future.


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    I dont believe Rio should of been named as the England captain, His footballing ability can not be questioned but failing to turn up for a drugs test simply does not set a good example for any young sportsperson.

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    Andrew Hughes
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    I should think Rio has enough trouble remembering which way he’s supposed to be kicking without making captain. Unless Capello has spotted some potential we’ve all overlooked.

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