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    Got yet another letter thru post urging me to join Tipping service etc., but this one was slightly different, from Richard Dunwoody, a hero of mine.<br> Offering, at NATIONAL RATE, a daily phone service !:) <br>Hmmm, N/Rate, whats the catch ?? :cool:

    I gave it a ring…….Welcomed by Richard,

    "…welcome etc. I will now pass you on to one of my Managers’ to point out the winners….."

    This guy comes on, and goes on , and on, and on, and ON !!!!!! :angry: <br> He talked about past betting coups, how wonderful the information I was about to get was, adulation of Richard which was almost spooky, plus mentioned the word Fabulous at least 6 times!<br> After 4 minutes….No Horses!!!!<br>during his diatribe of absolute nonsense he had the gall to say "stay on the line, for Richard will give you some FABULOUS information later! "<br> I hung up after 4 minutes, ashamed at what I had done:( <br> I had fallen for yet another fraud via the telephone network….OK, if on National Rate, say 25p a minute…I have lost £1.00 + VAT minimum.<br> Literally thousands would have phoned, drawn by N/Rate and Dunwoody……

    Well Richard, your book, Obsessed is now in the Bin !!:biggrin:

    How could he get involved in this !!!:( <br>



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    Hard cash is the answer I’m afraid Doyley.

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    Quote: from doyley on 2:47 pm on April 27, 2006[br]After 4 minutes….No Horses!!!!

    Reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer rings a American Football betting hotline, which basically goes like:

    Homer falls for a TV ad for a phone-in guaranteed-win  football pick. Homer calls…<br>   <br>   TV:    So call me now!  $5 for the first minute, $2 for each additional minute!<br>   Homer: [dials the number]<br>   Voice: You… have reached… the Coach’s…  Hot-…<br>   Homer: Line.<br>   Voice: Line.<br>   Homer: Yeah, lay it on me, Coach.<br>   Voice: In the game… of… Mi… am… i…<br>   Homer: Mm hm.<br>   Voice: Versus Cin…<br>   Homer: Cincinnati.<br>   Voice: cin…<br>   Homer: Cincinnati.<br>   Voice: nat…<br>   Homer: Cincinnati.<br>   Voice: i…<br>   Homer: Come on, come on, don’t you realize this is costing me money!

    Classic comedy, as always!

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    It’s a hard life sitting on the inside info panel, passing verdict on whether rogues should be allowed to profit from inside info.

    You just don’t have enough time left to run your own business brazenly selling inside info and have to get some minion to do the messages for you.

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    Very disappointed to hear this, it’s never nice when a sporting hero turns fraudster.

    Is he down on his uppers? I thought he ran some sort of sports management company, that should provide him with a decent enough income without the need to con innocent members of the public..

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    It’s quite a clever con. A tipping line charging only 25p a minute? Think how many people will call up because it is so cheap and commended by Dunwoody, so they’ll stay on the line for ages thinking that they are ripping off the other tipsters who charge £1.50 a minute, and in fact it’s the people who are paying 25p a minute for 10 minutes who get ripped off.

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    I received the same letter, and shreded it without even reading it.  I considered it spam.  I never asked for it, therefore I didn’t want it.

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    But.. but… didn’t it keep saying he’s an MBE..?

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    Quote: from jackane24 on 12:53 pm on April 28, 2006[br]….they’ll stay on the line for ages thinking that they are ripping off the other tipsters who charge £1.50 a minute…

    Am I the only one flummoxed by the beautiful logic of this?

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    Having heard his opinions many times I can honestly say Dunwoody couldn’t tip sh1t off a shovel.

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    I bumped into Woody at an underground station<br> about six months ago. I was standing next to him on a platform.<br> A twig wouldn’t have separated us !<br> I honed in closer for a bit of earlobing as I am involved in horse and he is a big name, and more particularly he just received a mobile call.<br> He did a full circle, a sort of twirl to get out of the way of me…<br> Addyman – the guy who takes good away.<br> Heard him asking if lthe fowers he had ordered had been delivered <br> and I wondered quite naturally – what flowers and for whom ?<br> Who were they for Woody ?<br> Mum ? or ?<br> Fowers are frightfully expensive.<br> Julian Wilson can’t even afford them !<br> and I wondered about Woody that<br> maybe just maybe<br> his tipping line might have scored a bit :scratchchin:<br> That’s it !

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    blinking heck, i thought users of this forum would be less likely to fall for the tipping line nonsense, than your average joe mug punter.

    point 1 – nobody would share informatin that could make a profit, not even for money, don’t delude yourself they would, it don’t happen in the real world and it won’t happen in racing<br>point 2 – mostly they are guessing with perhaps the odd bit of information to make them look clever<br>point 3 – they neither care nor guarantee success or profit<br>point 4 – their only aim is to increase their profit which is solely provided by the poor deluded people who use their "service" – strong word that for what it is – and if that means using respected names and sharing fools gold with them, so be it, the bottom line is king

    however, I have as little sympathy for people being fleeced by tipping lines as I do those fleeced by gullible fools who pay people they have never heard of thousands to claim a prize from a lottery they didn’t enter or those giving their bank accounts to …. etc

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    There is nothing wrong with tipsters if you take the view that you are paying someone to read the formbook for you.<br>Another angle to look at the issue from?<br>’Inside info’ are merely buzzwords for selling their services to the gullible.  I’d be more tempted to subscribe to a tipping line if they sold it as merely a personal service rather than the proverbial money making machine.  No-one likes dishonesty.  I am more attracted to a product that does exactly what it says on the tin.

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