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Decline in quality of all weather racing

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    Just looked at the average RPR achieved for all winners on the all weather polytracks since they opened. Here are the numbers…

    2001 – 73.39
    2002 – 73.42
    2003 – 75.53
    2004 – 70.24
    2005 – 68.90
    2006 – 72.84
    2007 – 62.57
    2008 – 52.18

    A 20 lb decline in under 2 years…

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    Would the banded meetings have anything to do with this do you think ? Do you have any figures for the low grade turf courses as well to gauge whether or not it is a general decline across the board ?

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    I would put it down simply to there being far more lower grade racing these days becuase of the amount of fixtures the AW tracks get.

    If you have two AW meetings a week, there are few chances for low grade horses as the races will be filled by the higher rated horses. Now there are ten AW meetings a week, meaning all the low rated horses get runs in low grade races. This obviously has an impact on the average winning rating.

    I still think the quality all weather races are there CR – it’s just that there are far more lower grade races. This is just my opinion of course.


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    probably aaronizneez, i’ll look at the Flat and Jumps today, its quiet on the betting front

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    The introduction of 46 – 50 and 46 – 52 handicaps is sure to be a factor in this – before October 2007, there were very few of these, but now there seems to be at least one at every meeting.

    I’d also look at the increase in the number of claimers – two at a meeting is increasingly common as well.


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    Maybe it’s something to do with the prize money.

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    Are you sure you’ve got your calculations correct, particularly for 2008? What date is that up to?

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    No thats no correct Glenn, I’ve got database updates that dont include ratings updates (they then default to zero) which of course effects the averages. I’m working on it.

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    Football in Great Britain see’s wealth pumped, increasingly, into the higher echelons of the game, leading to increasing global interest and subsequent financial benefits (achieved, albeit, on a cynical level). Attendances increase and television exposure attains new heights.

    Horse racing in Great Britain racing see’s an ever increasing number of low-grade meetings, with finance diverted away from the major meetings, a decline in the global import of our sport and a decrease in mainstream TV exposure. It’s possible that, per meeting, attendance figures have increased but how much that has to do with a desire to appreciate the sport is open to question.

    The issues for racing, given the involvement of bookmakers, may not be easy to resolve but, aside from British tennis, is there a sport in this country that is run on a more laughable basis?

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