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Deciphering market moves

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    Use, abuse……


    <br>We’ve all done it. Your bet of the day at Newmarket is just touched off for a place at a double-figure price, and before you have the good grace to turn and leave the bookies tail-between-legs, you notice the nag with a rake of duck-eggs next to its name in the Racing Post is being backed off the boards in the last race at Southwell’s banded meeting. There must be a reason why all this money has gone down, you think. Intrigued, you delve as deep into the form as possible and find that the horse has never run on fibresand, but did in fact win a race off a 20lb higher mark three and a half years ago. “Eureka!â€ÂÂ

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    Well I enjoyed that Dandan.

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    me too.. cant wait for part two.. Anythoughts market moves on the exchanges.. Skulduggery or efficient market? I subscribe to the later

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    Here’s my view:

    (1) some very interesting and useful info


    (2) takes too long to get to the topic


    (3) way to verbose – some ruthless editing would make it far tighter and easier to read

    Overall, I think it would be a better article if it just focused on the meaning of market moves for particular stables.


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    Thanks for that, Dandan.

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    I think you were talking about me the lad getting on at 7/1 :-(

    An interesting read. Thanks

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    This is more like a book than an article!

    You have a good writing ‘voice’, sounding mostly natural and pleasant to read.  But you do need, as steve says, to edit, edit and edit a bit more.  You repeat yourself far too often within a paragraph.  For example:

    "It is often overlooked, but Aidan O’Briens’ Ballydoyle mob are an astute lot. From the outside looking in, and having studied market movers from that stable over time, it seems Aidan’s crew are pretty well clued-in when it comes to knowing how fit their representatives are, and knowing whether they will “actâ€ÂÂ

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    Thanks all.

    I’m so busy these days I barely get time to edit but I do take that on board. Feedback like the above is crucial in learning to develop a style and improving that style, in my opinion. I don’t bring any ego to the table when I put up a post like the above, rather I expect the piece to be nitpicked and criticised- after all, learning from others is the best way to move forward.


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    Wel, I found it intersting Dandan. Agree that it needs shortening and using "time of day" too much distracts.<br>One thing that crossed my mind is that market movers in later races may simply be because of the weight of money from accumulators and not the result of shrewd, "insider" money. So, would it be fair to say that a noticeable shortening of price in the first race of the day is more valid than one in the last (all other things being equal) ?<br>Look forward to your next piece.

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