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    Irish Stamp
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    Can anyone recommend a good crime/legal book ala John Grisham for me to read in the next week or so, get bored with no exams and no assignments etc.

    Thanks in advance<br>Martin

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    I’m not a Grisham fan, but I love a good mystery thriller and one that I found completely unputdownable recently was Just One Look by Harlan Coben.  The man is a genius!

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    Can’t help but recommend Patricia Cornwell. Very clinical, technical and insightful (the main character in the Kay Scarpetta series is a medical examiner, the author herself was an assistant in a mortuary), combined with a hint of escapism, and very good character development throughout the series.

    dave jay
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    Maltese Falcon .. Dashiel Hammet.

    I used to read loads of Crime Fiction, this and anything by Raymond Chandler are my favourites.

    Sailing Shoes
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    You could try something by Carl Hiaasen…. Sick Puppy or Basket Case are both excellent.

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    I’d recommend Chandler, too.

    He had an amazing way with words – wrote like a scalpel.


    dave jay
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    Wrote like a scalpel … very apt … :biggrin:

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    Google—Allan Guthrie’s Noir Originals.       :cool:

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    The Racing Forum<br> by delighted<br> an excellent crime novel<br> not a Booker<br> not mainstream


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    Quote: from Peaty Sandy on 1:24 pm on Jan. 15, 2006[br]The Harry Potter books are ****<br>ing criminal alright.

    <br>Whilst they are not especially proficient technically, as a chartered public librarian by profession I cannot hear a word said against the Potter books for the role they have had in getting youngsters (back) into libraries and into books.

    The number of otherwise disenfranchised and disenchanted 6-12yos (particularly boys) who firstly came in to read these, then discovered other authors as a direct consequence (Phillip Pulman and Lemony Snicket in particular), then worked their way round entire junior library collections, was one of the most heartening spectacles of my time in library work.

    Although not known to have furnished library sites with hard cash in the same way as Andrew Carnegie or Bill and Melissa Gates, J K Rowling is, by proxy, arguably one of the most significant library philanthropists ever.


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    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    <br>  Hopper, the Pharisees similarly tried to trick Jesus, in the temple,<br>  he replied…<br>  ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s<br>  your hair knows the rest..<br>  Be a bit mindful of Sandyman though,<br>  he’s been through it this week<br>  with a painful medical re-adjustment  <br>  and for obvious reasons<br>  he hates the use of the word potter

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    Anything by Jeffrey Archer!:o

    lollys mate
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    Dr Lolly recommends a large measure of lactulose.

    BUT dont take it just before bed. It could be messy!:o

    Maxilon 5
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    A couple of oldies which always entertain are the fantastic "Night Train", by Martin Amis and "The Shark Infested Custard" by Charles Willeford.

    Neither are airport books, but they are well written, clever and absorbing.

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    <br> You just can’t measure that :(

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