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    Yeah it was well highlighted that it was a troubled passage in France but if he would of got the gap then Spencer would of been praised for the ride. It couldve been the same story today had he not got the gaps but fortune favours the brave.

    madman marz
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    That Creachadoir was about the same distance behind him, would suggest to me that Cockney Rebel ran his race. Simply wasn’t good enough.

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    Yeah I dont rate him a top miler i.e of all time but the way he hung across and was eased off suggests something

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    Fortune favoured the brave if you backed him..

    Huffer should give the rebel some time off, leave the Jacques Le Marois out or something.. <br>

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    difference between this and the french 2000 being here there were only 8 runners, if you have to hold the horse up because thats what it needs then sometimes your going to get stuck in running, i think sometimes JS gets some slightly unfair criticism. form does look fairly tight i have to say for the winner.

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    Quote: from Aragorn on 4:17 pm on June 19, 2007[br]Haven’t seen the race, but if you watch the french guineas again you’ll see that excellent art was all over the winner but got a shocker of a ride from Spencer.. 8/1 was a crazy price and i’m surprised he wasn;t piled into.<br>

    Agree 100% mate, I had a recording of the french guineas from the dante meeting (like a sado) and Excellent art was always the one to take from the race (he was spencered on the day but was finishing like a star), then o’brien pulled him out of the Irish Guineas last minute because the ground hadnt softened as much as he’d wanted. Im stuck in the falklands at the moment and am missing the whole of ascot but Excellent art was the one I thought would win on Good ground (aint seen the race but I’d have expected him to come from the back with a rattle aswell), only had £20 on him though, Cockney rebel had no real form to speak of on less than good to firm and I dont think it takes anything away from him, other than that he’ll be a better price next time he’s on good to firm.

    A bit dissappointed with george (who may have needed the run) and dandy man (in my tentofollow) pencil hill (thought he’d run away with the coventry), but havent seen any of the races.

    Neither result really surprises me for the St James’s Palace or the queen anne, and on different conditions in the next races there’ll bits and bobs to take from each race. George is still the best miler in the world IMHO and cockney rebel is a very good miler on faster conditions, I’ll look at the sussex line up based on the prices, gallops reports etc closer to the time.

    Most of my Ascot money is on Sir Percy e/w at 20-1 (would have wanted firmer ground but thats antepost for you) and Bulwark e/w at 50-1 (the craziest price of the festival imho) for the rest of the week.

    Good Luck with your ascot bets folks…

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    Wasn’t happy with the ride, but Peslier would probably have expended enough energy in straightening him up that he would have lost anyway. He came into the straight with every chance (see his position WRT the winner) but that bad hanging just put paid to any chance he had.

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    I’ve been critical of his ability in the past, but I can’t use that today.  The horse didn’t run his race, and the jocks sympathetic last 110 yds seemed to reflect that.  I’m sure that Cockney Rebel will have another win in the tank later in the year.  I’d like to see him in the Eclipse personally.  I think the 10f will be up his alley.

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    10f might be but the eclipse will definitly be too soon, had 3 hard races and needs a break before a campaign taking in somthing like the irish champion if hes going to step up.

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    I would take short odds that something was amiss. Watching the side on he and the winner went past the rest in unison but Peslier stopped riding almost as soon as he began to drift.

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    Quote: from cormack15 on 10:26 pm on June 19, 2007[br]I would take short odds that something was amiss. Watching the side on he and the winner went past the rest in unison but Peslier stopped riding almost as soon as he began to drift.

    Exactly my thoughts

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    Quote: from reet hard on 4:11 pm on June 19, 2007[br]"Hanging without being ridden"?<br>The horse was given half a dozen good cracks before he hung across the course, a sure sign in my view that he was just knackered, and that’s probably as good as he is.

    (Edited by reet hard at 4:12 pm on June 19, 2007)<br>

    I said hanging and without being ridden out (I am assuming you were selectively quoting me)

    (Edited by Librettist at 7:17 am on June 20, 2007)

    the welsh wizard
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    Cockney Rebel travelled like the best horse in the race – which I maintain that he still is. Quite obvious that something is hurting him and I fear that Geoff Huffer will have a job on his hands to get this horse to repeat his Guineas’ displays. I hope I’m wrong, I remain a big fan.

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    reported as "sore" this morning on ATR website, apparently not serious, but then they always say that!

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    I agree WW.

    He looked to be coming to win his race and then hung very badly to the left giving Peslier no alternative other than to try to gather him up rather than riding a finish.<br>It might be a physical problem or he may just have a quirk, but he is a fair bit better than he showed in this race.

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