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    Quote: from Librettist on 7:12 am on June 20, 2007[br]

    Quote: from reet hard on 4:11 pm on June 19, 2007[br]"Hanging without being ridden"?<br>The horse was given half a dozen good cracks before he hung across the course, a sure sign in my view that he was just knackered, and that’s probably as good as he is.

    (Edited by reet hard at 4:12 pm on June 19, 2007)<br>

    I said hanging and without being ridden out (I am assuming you were selectively quoting me)

    (Edited by Librettist at 7:17 am on June 20, 2007)<br>

    Sorry about the misquote, it wasn’t at all intentional.<br>Do still think the horse had given its all before it hung left though.

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    Jason Weaver was hardly complimentary about the Cockney’s appearance in the pre-parade ring. The treble he attempted is a difficult one to achieve, he has a pronounced tendency to hang left and I suspect Peslier held him up too far out of his ground. There are excuses.

    A longish break from the limelight and the Cockney will be back, I’m sure.  But of course, as has been written on other forums, this years 3-y-o’s are just the worst , aren’t they!:biggrin:

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    Fractured Pelvis may go some way to explaining his run.. He did bloody well to get that close!!!

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    Is that true aragon?

    either way, for those that thought he ran to his potential (an odd way of reading this race…)

    The horse is sore. Oliver (Peslier) said he pulled him out to challenge and he had the race won when all of a sudden he said he felt him go," Cunningham told PA Sport.


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    it is true, its on ATR website, i thought something was amiss this morning when they said he was sore but nothing serious, surprise surprise it was serious, why do they always say that?

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    If you watch the race again just as he’s about to go past Astronomer Royal (I think) he begins to hand badly and Peslier effectively stops riding (I assume this is where the injury happened and if i’d fractured my pelvis I would have stopped a lot quicker!). If he’d finished his race I don;t think there would have been much between him and excellent art as the side on shows that they were making up ground at a similar rate. Unlucky loser and I would expect him to be back later in the season..

    The QEII could turn out to be an absolute cracker this year…

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